Monday, October 19, 2009

Alma Mater

On Sundays we're trying to take advantage of any nice weather we receive and go outside to enjoy it. Yesterday it seemed Veronica was a bit of a fussy pants, but once we got to the water & started walking on the dock, all her cares washed away. I turned to Ben, "I guess all she needed was some fresh air!" It was a splendid return for the wind & rain the days before.

Well, last Sunday we also went out and about. The plan was Sehome Hill; however, Ben missed the turn and we parked on Highland Drive to show Veronica & Cadence a bit of mommy & daddy's roots (not exactly). It's weird walking back on campus after not being there for a while, seeing the college students go about their study-driven lives, and finally see Miller Hall being renovated (due to it sinking in the ground). However, Veronica wasn't too interested in these attractions. Rather, she had her own personal favorites.

Yes Veronica wished to stay at the mosquito sculpture near the PAC and walk around the water fountain as many times daddy would permit (what kid wouldn't though). We enjoyed the rest of the evening by eating Indian food and Veronica asking to watch more movie (it was Bollywood at it's finest).


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Jenny said...

This post makes me homesick, or post-highschool-home sick. The fountain was always my favorite spot on campus. I could sit there just like Veronica for hours (but it sounds like she was a bit more mobile). And your new header is adorable.

I bought an immersion blender and have been wanting to make a yummy tomato soup. I usually don't follow recipes but have been trying to so my flavors vary a bit more. Do you have any good recipes? Didn't you have a foody blog, too?

Glad you're all healthy and happy!