Friday, September 18, 2009


Veronica is really into horses of late. Not necessarily staring at them eye to eye, rather it's the concept of the horse. She reminds me every couple days about going to see Miss Biz's horse. Today at the toy store she was quite enthralled with the variety of horse toys. However, what came from her mouth after going poo poo's was really out in left field.

(Veronica getting up from her potty taking inventory)
Veronica: It's like a snake!
Daddy: Oh, a snake.
Veronica: It's like a heart!
Daddy: Oh, a heart.
(by this point in the observation of inventory it typically stops, because she will almost always mention the commonalities of the snake & heart with her poop)

Veronica (pause, then with gusto): It looks like a HORSE!
Daddy & me: (burst out in simultaneous laughter).


Amber said...

did her poo really look like a horse?

Amber said...

and bob's impressed that she's "mastered the simile"