Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Point

I was beginning to think Fall had ushered it's way into Bellingham in full force leaving Summer a distant but fond memory of August. However, on Saturday we were pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the weather report as we spent the day up at Artist Point, which is the summit area of Mt. Baker.

The trails were swarming with people, literally from all parts of the world. The mixture of sun pouring down upon us and the breeze running down the mountain side was sublime. We have been wanting to come up here for a while, so I told Ben that we should plan on the weekend after Labor Day; as well as, make this a family tradition where we delight in the goodness of summer & the upcoming bounty of autumn. More importantly, a time to get away from the busyness of life, in order to enjoy & know one another in the beauty of creation. Here is the view from our hike.

Here is Mt. Baker in much of it's glory.

The drive up the mountain takes about an hour & a half, but with Cadence driving it took a bit longer.

Cadence & daddy just pulled into the parking spot to take time for this picture. Doesn't it look like Cadence is up to no good, and let's face it...if she gave you this look, you too would be eating out of her hand.

This picture of Veronica and daddy isn't the best, but it gives you an idea of our scenery.

Gotta love the Ergo, especially when your baby falls asleep shortly after this photo is taken.

Veronica & daddy in one of the only pictures that turned out. And as Veronica says, "No barrette, CRAZY hair!"

Veronica did a fantastic job hiking. We told her the night before that we were going to go to the mountain tomorrow. However, mama made a mistake by asking Veronica, "do you want to go to the mountain? (no response from her) Do you want to go to the moon?" Veronica perked up with an astounding, "YES!" Well, she kept asking us the next day, "Go to the moon?! Go to the moon?!" I told her we didn't have a rocket ship; yet, Ben told her that there aren't DVD players in rocket ships to watch Strawberry Shortcake.

But wouldn't you know, as she was walking she shouted, "the moon." To which I thought she was still talking about our conversation from home, but then I saw she was pointing up in the sky. It was the moon still up high in the day lit sky.

There are certain things that stick out in Veronica's memory for days to come. The one from our trip to the mountain was the wild blueberries. If you go to the top of the mountain at this time of the year you will be graced by the fragrant smell & the sight of these small beauties all throughout the hillside and trail. If I had not had my professional blueberry eater by my side, I could have easily picked enough for blueberry pie. They're complete bliss and unlike the regular blueberry.

Wild blueberries are smaller, too! And I believe these were gone in 3 seconds flat by my professional who comes in at 39 inches.

And this is what a professional blueberry eater looks like when combined with dirt filled hands.

Here are some of our post mountain pictures, which obviously include baths. And also obviously include Veronica enthusiastically offering her help to give Cadence a birdbath.


just4ann said...

What a fun outing. Love the pictures.

Jenny said...

You are just the cutest.