Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girls at Play

Our girls have been playing together more and more lately. It blesses this mother's heart to see how Veronica lovingly allows Cadence to play with her & her toys. With Cadence moving all around now, she really gets going and now Veronica's toys are fair game (don't you love the natural processes of learning selflessness). Actually, they're not really just Veronica's toys, but both girls...I'm SO not that mom who will institute separate toys for each child.

Anyway, back to the point, Cadence shows much more authority over the ownership of objects than her older sister. In fact, as Veronica is playing with a toy, Cadence will come up and take it from her hands; leaving Veronica with a blank stare. Veronica will reach out to retrieve her lost toy; but, Cadence recoils her hand as if she were the older, wiser & stronger sister (all the while Veronica submits to her baby sister's authority on toy handling). However, Veronica does stand up for herself at times by saying, "No baby Cadence," then proceeds to get up to find her a toy, in order to get her toy back from Cadence. Enough said about these two cuties that I love more each day, even if they drive me closer to insanity at various moments throughout the week...they're still priceless in my book.

Cadence was whining and here was the picture I caught, which was taken after the video you'll find below.


just4ann said...

The video was so funny especially when Cadence got stuck. One thing I am sure of is that V is going to be a cook like her mama.

KAMILLE said...

Mom one can only hope V is a cook.