Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Girl

There is a little girl I know who makes me smile most of the day. It's in the way she looks into my eyes with great intent, only to realize that she was waiting to say, "I see my refwection!" This little girl walks around with her head in the clouds talking to herself on most days. She has some of the most bizarre & funny comments (too many for me to remember them all).

As I was in the kitchen I hear a yelp, then a, "Stuck, I'm stuck!" The box was folded together; however, it was hollow inside without being taped up. Needless to say, she sat on the folded part and fell in.

There is a little girl I know who has some of the most crazy, fun curls. She'll run to the bathroom with a shirt half on her head. Then, she'll pull it off, shake her head and say, "Crazy Hair!" People ask if I have curled her hair. Friends from playgroup asked, "what happened with Veronica's hair?" (meaning it was super curly) To which I reply, "Oh I just gave her a bath." A little shampoo & water do wonders on making her hair more curly. She also doesn't like clips in her hair too much, so this is what we see most of the time.

I love this girl. My Veronica Storey Scellick. To me there is none like her. She replays her Strawberry Shortcake book as if she were Strawberry. Her imagination is full of stories & tales that she is always weaving. I love that she currently loves saying thank you ("thank you mama for making me eggs!"). This thank you will also apply to good deeds she has done and appears to be training us parents in the art ("thank you for Caca sharing my toys with Baby Cadence" Us: "oh yes, thank you Veronica for sharing your toys with Cadence). I love that she asks me to tell her the "adventure story," or the "applesauce story," or the "baby Cadence story," and she never gets bored (& might even fill in with a missing detail).

She's one of my favorite snugglers. I love laying down for nap recounting all of the day's events and praying over her. Having tea & cookies is the best with her (even if it is all pretend). She makes the best cup of coffee for mama. And she never fails in her dramatic performances or recaps/highlights of the day. She makes some of the best slurping noises. And she even reminded me that she could not eat the fish for dinner, because she was going to talk and "manners matter."

Our home would definitely lack luster if she were not present. There would be less squeals from Cadence. And I wouldn't have my little girl's chocolate brown eyes to stare in to see my reflection. We love this girl for all of her quirks, her innocence, & her flare for life. I am so glad to be this curly haired, Strawberry Shortcake lovin', "more hugs & do do's please" girl's mama. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

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Paige said...

Very sweet post. You have quite the treasure of a little girl!