Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Cadence

When I write dear Cadence it makes me think of the Beatles' song, 'dear prudence.' When I think of Cadence it makes me think of a smiley faced cutie. In fact, I believe that if you looked up cute in the dictionary, Cadence's face would be there. So my dear lovely little Cadence....

I am so honored that you are my second born. When you arrived in this world I remember thinking how calm I was, well tired, but calm that you were here. I also remember how it took us a little bit longer getting to know you versus getting to know your sister. Maybe it's with that, you sensed that you needed to take the laid back stance in life. You figured that mama was pretty busy with your older sister that you wouldn't fuss much and take all of life in. But, (yes there's a but) you decided one day that you weren't satisfied with being laid back & chill all the time and let mama know through vocal prowess & leg activity to claim your name in the Scellick household.

I am impressed with your perseverance & tenacity as you lunge (with force) for what you want. Whether, it be a toy, food, or your sister's curls. You have your eye set on accomplishing so much and sometimes I get exhausted. Exhausted by your ability to want to nurse one minute than fling right off (even though you're not done) to grab whatever is in reach, half hanging off my lap; yet, you don't want me to set you down. There are times when I want to sell you to the traveling circus (as I think you would be fantastic on the trapeze); but, your smile, cuddles & infectious laughter are little gems you give me each day, and how could I live without them?

I'm blessed to have you as you are in our lives. You make me a better mom because of it. You make daddy a better daddy because of it. And you make Veronica a better sister, friend, & daughter because of it. When you were born I didn't know if having a family of four would work. I knew our family of three and how it worked. I worked hard at getting to know it and fitting in with the grooves. Now there was a fourth member, who looked SO different from her sister, and I wasn't sure if I could fit in with more grooves (I don't like transition much). But, we've found our rhythms. Sure there are days when we're dancing to the beat of our drum (and that's not always bad, but it's not always good either), but I love how you Cadence Evangelina have added a new rhythm to our dance.

Thank you for being my daughter. Thank you for wanting to giggle with me. Thank you for adoring your sister. Thank you for being a good sleeper. I thank God for who you are and how he has uniquely designed you.


Your Mama


Jenny said...

This makes me happy. I hope you save it and give it to her when she's older, like on her wedding day; she'll cry happy tears.

And that rhythm part brings to mind that Worship Circle Song... It may be titled... I don't know but the chorus is just that "dance, dance my soul there's no reason for you to weep" and it's one of my favorites.

Amber said...

look at her go! she crawled right over to you!

Paige said...

That is so sweet, Kamille. You are such a wonderful mama to your girls.

Jeff Timberwolf said...

Thanks Jenny! Yes I know what song you are talking about as it's one of my favorites too!