Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Climbing, Slides & Swings

If you haven't really gotten to know our daughter Veronica, then you might not be too surprised by the pictures below. However, if you know her like Ben and I know her, you might be doing a second take of her climbing up the rock wall. Because you see, how do I put this? She's not the most daring or adventurous kid on the block.

For instance, she still refuses to "walk up" the steps to our house for fear of hurting herself. So she climbs up. She has this ability yet inability complex, which translates to, "she really can do it, but she believes she cannot." While we were at the park she was easily getting up on the play equipment and walking around, but once I was in her view she acted as if she couldn't get down (luckily mama called her bluff). She happily went down the slide over and over and over again, while looking up to see our approval of what a great job she did all by herself.

On the bright side, her cautious nature in the physical realms causes her to think before she acts, which helps a mama's heart & blood rate quite a bit. I do pray for her that the Lord would give her the courage and strength to persevere in these small tasks, in order to build a foundation for the larger feats in life. And that's the beauty of being a mama to this unique 2 1/2 year old, I'm reminded that praying for these "small things" in my child's life is just as sacred and holy as praying for some "bigger miracle." It's in the small, ordinary, everyday life stuff that is shaping me in who I'm created to be and my hope is that it will be the same for my girls.

Veronica wearing her "lake shoes" to climb the mountain.

The look on her face says it all!

She's so funny when she goes through the opening, because she walks in with her head barely bent over; rather, than crawling in.

Safety first is her motto, "always hold onto the side."

Her dazed, posed look while daddy tells her to smile. All the while thinking, "Strawberryland."

Back to reality

It's a success! She is down the slide folks.

Time for round 592.

This is a long video and it's primarily for my mom since she hasn't seen Veronica in over a year. So, mom imagine the camera is you walking with Veronica through the playground:)

Cadence thoroughly enjoyed the swing. Veronica insisted that Cadence sit in the swing next to her, and Cadence couldn't be any more pleased with the arrangement (although you can't tell by this photo).

But you can by this one, along with her trying to get the camera from me.

Note the bottom teeth, or as Ben calls them, "her reverse buckteeth." (Sidenote: As Ben is holding Cadence he will tell her, "Cadence you have a wonderful reverse buckteeth smile. It's a great sign of beauty. In fact, in many cultures women will knock out their teeth leaving only their bottom teeth to have reversed buckteeth.")

Like I said, she enjoyed it, but a little too much.

This is from our Sunday adventure about a month ago, and since we're on the subject of parks, these pictures are a must.


just4ann said...

I love the video. Veronica is just so funny. I like the 2 3 go when she first starts to climb then when she says that she is stuck then she announces she isn't stuck. So funny.

Paige said...

Fun pictures and cute video. I love hearing her talk! Your little Cadence is adorable too!

We too love parks and can relate to the whole idea of having a very cautious daughter. Pear is also growing in these areas.

I wish we were closer, I really think our girls would be good friends and I think I could really be encouraged by spending time with you! Oh well. I guess reading your blog will have to suffice for now.

kjg said...

Good thing that swing is not frozen! Looks like Cadence will be your dare devil!