Sunday, September 27, 2009

Funny Girl

There is a little girl I know who makes me smile most of the day. It's in the way she looks into my eyes with great intent, only to realize that she was waiting to say, "I see my refwection!" This little girl walks around with her head in the clouds talking to herself on most days. She has some of the most bizarre & funny comments (too many for me to remember them all).

As I was in the kitchen I hear a yelp, then a, "Stuck, I'm stuck!" The box was folded together; however, it was hollow inside without being taped up. Needless to say, she sat on the folded part and fell in.

There is a little girl I know who has some of the most crazy, fun curls. She'll run to the bathroom with a shirt half on her head. Then, she'll pull it off, shake her head and say, "Crazy Hair!" People ask if I have curled her hair. Friends from playgroup asked, "what happened with Veronica's hair?" (meaning it was super curly) To which I reply, "Oh I just gave her a bath." A little shampoo & water do wonders on making her hair more curly. She also doesn't like clips in her hair too much, so this is what we see most of the time.

I love this girl. My Veronica Storey Scellick. To me there is none like her. She replays her Strawberry Shortcake book as if she were Strawberry. Her imagination is full of stories & tales that she is always weaving. I love that she currently loves saying thank you ("thank you mama for making me eggs!"). This thank you will also apply to good deeds she has done and appears to be training us parents in the art ("thank you for Caca sharing my toys with Baby Cadence" Us: "oh yes, thank you Veronica for sharing your toys with Cadence). I love that she asks me to tell her the "adventure story," or the "applesauce story," or the "baby Cadence story," and she never gets bored (& might even fill in with a missing detail).

She's one of my favorite snugglers. I love laying down for nap recounting all of the day's events and praying over her. Having tea & cookies is the best with her (even if it is all pretend). She makes the best cup of coffee for mama. And she never fails in her dramatic performances or recaps/highlights of the day. She makes some of the best slurping noises. And she even reminded me that she could not eat the fish for dinner, because she was going to talk and "manners matter."

Our home would definitely lack luster if she were not present. There would be less squeals from Cadence. And I wouldn't have my little girl's chocolate brown eyes to stare in to see my reflection. We love this girl for all of her quirks, her innocence, & her flare for life. I am so glad to be this curly haired, Strawberry Shortcake lovin', "more hugs & do do's please" girl's mama. And I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Veronica is really into horses of late. Not necessarily staring at them eye to eye, rather it's the concept of the horse. She reminds me every couple days about going to see Miss Biz's horse. Today at the toy store she was quite enthralled with the variety of horse toys. However, what came from her mouth after going poo poo's was really out in left field.

(Veronica getting up from her potty taking inventory)
Veronica: It's like a snake!
Daddy: Oh, a snake.
Veronica: It's like a heart!
Daddy: Oh, a heart.
(by this point in the observation of inventory it typically stops, because she will almost always mention the commonalities of the snake & heart with her poop)

Veronica (pause, then with gusto): It looks like a HORSE!
Daddy & me: (burst out in simultaneous laughter).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Cadence

When I write dear Cadence it makes me think of the Beatles' song, 'dear prudence.' When I think of Cadence it makes me think of a smiley faced cutie. In fact, I believe that if you looked up cute in the dictionary, Cadence's face would be there. So my dear lovely little Cadence....

I am so honored that you are my second born. When you arrived in this world I remember thinking how calm I was, well tired, but calm that you were here. I also remember how it took us a little bit longer getting to know you versus getting to know your sister. Maybe it's with that, you sensed that you needed to take the laid back stance in life. You figured that mama was pretty busy with your older sister that you wouldn't fuss much and take all of life in. But, (yes there's a but) you decided one day that you weren't satisfied with being laid back & chill all the time and let mama know through vocal prowess & leg activity to claim your name in the Scellick household.

I am impressed with your perseverance & tenacity as you lunge (with force) for what you want. Whether, it be a toy, food, or your sister's curls. You have your eye set on accomplishing so much and sometimes I get exhausted. Exhausted by your ability to want to nurse one minute than fling right off (even though you're not done) to grab whatever is in reach, half hanging off my lap; yet, you don't want me to set you down. There are times when I want to sell you to the traveling circus (as I think you would be fantastic on the trapeze); but, your smile, cuddles & infectious laughter are little gems you give me each day, and how could I live without them?

I'm blessed to have you as you are in our lives. You make me a better mom because of it. You make daddy a better daddy because of it. And you make Veronica a better sister, friend, & daughter because of it. When you were born I didn't know if having a family of four would work. I knew our family of three and how it worked. I worked hard at getting to know it and fitting in with the grooves. Now there was a fourth member, who looked SO different from her sister, and I wasn't sure if I could fit in with more grooves (I don't like transition much). But, we've found our rhythms. Sure there are days when we're dancing to the beat of our drum (and that's not always bad, but it's not always good either), but I love how you Cadence Evangelina have added a new rhythm to our dance.

Thank you for being my daughter. Thank you for wanting to giggle with me. Thank you for adoring your sister. Thank you for being a good sleeper. I thank God for who you are and how he has uniquely designed you.


Your Mama

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Email

Ben sent me a photo attachment via email on Sunday as I was at a baby shower. As I opened it up this is what I saw...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Artist Point

I was beginning to think Fall had ushered it's way into Bellingham in full force leaving Summer a distant but fond memory of August. However, on Saturday we were pleasantly surprised with the accuracy of the weather report as we spent the day up at Artist Point, which is the summit area of Mt. Baker.

The trails were swarming with people, literally from all parts of the world. The mixture of sun pouring down upon us and the breeze running down the mountain side was sublime. We have been wanting to come up here for a while, so I told Ben that we should plan on the weekend after Labor Day; as well as, make this a family tradition where we delight in the goodness of summer & the upcoming bounty of autumn. More importantly, a time to get away from the busyness of life, in order to enjoy & know one another in the beauty of creation. Here is the view from our hike.

Here is Mt. Baker in much of it's glory.

The drive up the mountain takes about an hour & a half, but with Cadence driving it took a bit longer.

Cadence & daddy just pulled into the parking spot to take time for this picture. Doesn't it look like Cadence is up to no good, and let's face it...if she gave you this look, you too would be eating out of her hand.

This picture of Veronica and daddy isn't the best, but it gives you an idea of our scenery.

Gotta love the Ergo, especially when your baby falls asleep shortly after this photo is taken.

Veronica & daddy in one of the only pictures that turned out. And as Veronica says, "No barrette, CRAZY hair!"

Veronica did a fantastic job hiking. We told her the night before that we were going to go to the mountain tomorrow. However, mama made a mistake by asking Veronica, "do you want to go to the mountain? (no response from her) Do you want to go to the moon?" Veronica perked up with an astounding, "YES!" Well, she kept asking us the next day, "Go to the moon?! Go to the moon?!" I told her we didn't have a rocket ship; yet, Ben told her that there aren't DVD players in rocket ships to watch Strawberry Shortcake.

But wouldn't you know, as she was walking she shouted, "the moon." To which I thought she was still talking about our conversation from home, but then I saw she was pointing up in the sky. It was the moon still up high in the day lit sky.

There are certain things that stick out in Veronica's memory for days to come. The one from our trip to the mountain was the wild blueberries. If you go to the top of the mountain at this time of the year you will be graced by the fragrant smell & the sight of these small beauties all throughout the hillside and trail. If I had not had my professional blueberry eater by my side, I could have easily picked enough for blueberry pie. They're complete bliss and unlike the regular blueberry.

Wild blueberries are smaller, too! And I believe these were gone in 3 seconds flat by my professional who comes in at 39 inches.

And this is what a professional blueberry eater looks like when combined with dirt filled hands.

Here are some of our post mountain pictures, which obviously include baths. And also obviously include Veronica enthusiastically offering her help to give Cadence a birdbath.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Girls at Play

Our girls have been playing together more and more lately. It blesses this mother's heart to see how Veronica lovingly allows Cadence to play with her & her toys. With Cadence moving all around now, she really gets going and now Veronica's toys are fair game (don't you love the natural processes of learning selflessness). Actually, they're not really just Veronica's toys, but both girls...I'm SO not that mom who will institute separate toys for each child.

Anyway, back to the point, Cadence shows much more authority over the ownership of objects than her older sister. In fact, as Veronica is playing with a toy, Cadence will come up and take it from her hands; leaving Veronica with a blank stare. Veronica will reach out to retrieve her lost toy; but, Cadence recoils her hand as if she were the older, wiser & stronger sister (all the while Veronica submits to her baby sister's authority on toy handling). However, Veronica does stand up for herself at times by saying, "No baby Cadence," then proceeds to get up to find her a toy, in order to get her toy back from Cadence. Enough said about these two cuties that I love more each day, even if they drive me closer to insanity at various moments throughout the week...they're still priceless in my book.

Cadence was whining and here was the picture I caught, which was taken after the video you'll find below.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Climbing, Slides & Swings

If you haven't really gotten to know our daughter Veronica, then you might not be too surprised by the pictures below. However, if you know her like Ben and I know her, you might be doing a second take of her climbing up the rock wall. Because you see, how do I put this? She's not the most daring or adventurous kid on the block.

For instance, she still refuses to "walk up" the steps to our house for fear of hurting herself. So she climbs up. She has this ability yet inability complex, which translates to, "she really can do it, but she believes she cannot." While we were at the park she was easily getting up on the play equipment and walking around, but once I was in her view she acted as if she couldn't get down (luckily mama called her bluff). She happily went down the slide over and over and over again, while looking up to see our approval of what a great job she did all by herself.

On the bright side, her cautious nature in the physical realms causes her to think before she acts, which helps a mama's heart & blood rate quite a bit. I do pray for her that the Lord would give her the courage and strength to persevere in these small tasks, in order to build a foundation for the larger feats in life. And that's the beauty of being a mama to this unique 2 1/2 year old, I'm reminded that praying for these "small things" in my child's life is just as sacred and holy as praying for some "bigger miracle." It's in the small, ordinary, everyday life stuff that is shaping me in who I'm created to be and my hope is that it will be the same for my girls.

Veronica wearing her "lake shoes" to climb the mountain.

The look on her face says it all!

She's so funny when she goes through the opening, because she walks in with her head barely bent over; rather, than crawling in.

Safety first is her motto, "always hold onto the side."

Her dazed, posed look while daddy tells her to smile. All the while thinking, "Strawberryland."

Back to reality

It's a success! She is down the slide folks.

Time for round 592.

This is a long video and it's primarily for my mom since she hasn't seen Veronica in over a year. So, mom imagine the camera is you walking with Veronica through the playground:)

Cadence thoroughly enjoyed the swing. Veronica insisted that Cadence sit in the swing next to her, and Cadence couldn't be any more pleased with the arrangement (although you can't tell by this photo).

But you can by this one, along with her trying to get the camera from me.

Note the bottom teeth, or as Ben calls them, "her reverse buckteeth." (Sidenote: As Ben is holding Cadence he will tell her, "Cadence you have a wonderful reverse buckteeth smile. It's a great sign of beauty. In fact, in many cultures women will knock out their teeth leaving only their bottom teeth to have reversed buckteeth.")

Like I said, she enjoyed it, but a little too much.

This is from our Sunday adventure about a month ago, and since we're on the subject of parks, these pictures are a must.