Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What do you get when you cross a beet with a nine month old?

An adorable baby girl that looks like she got into lipstick.

After the beets, Veronica & I gave Cadence a birdbath in the kitchen sink. Veronica is always right by my side when it comes to giving Cadence a bath.

I'm pretty sure Veronica was just about to dump a cup of water on top of Cadence's head, with no regard of getting it all over her face. The irony is that Veronica HATES getting water in her face; however, when it comes to cleaning Cadence's hair the same rule doesn't apply. Lucky for us, Cadence doesn't even flinch.

Cadence is still a delight as usual. She is moving around the house via pulling herself. She'll get on her hands & knees and rock back and forth. However, she eventually goes to her belly and pulls. She is amazingly limber, where she goes into a full prostrate position to get a toy and pops back up. Her laugh is truly infectious. Her smile lights up a room and I still can't get over how cute she is. She is quick to grab anything in sight. Says dada a lot and only says mama when she's really sad or being put to bed.

She has started showing preferences for mama, but delights in her sister daily. Her friendship with her sister is a great thing to watch, as Veronica helps by getting toys for her or telling her that it's going to be okay. She has enjoyed everything we have fed her. She likes drinking out of a cup. Her pinches hurt like none other. She also likes to try to pick moles or freckles off of me. I'm still in shock that she will be hitting one soon and have no idea where this year has gone. My baby is growing up way too quickly.

Cadence pre-haircutCadence post-haircut


just4ann said...

Oh how funny. Cadence really takes her eating seriously I see. Veronica is just such a great help.

Jessie said...

The beet picture is amazing.

Jenny said...

The beet picture is amazing.

Jenny said...

Didn't realize Jessie was logged in... oops!