Friday, August 7, 2009

Two is Better than One

I love my friends and look forward to time spent with them. It's especially wonderful when my girls aren't present, so I can have a conversation without interruption. Another thing I enjoy about friendship is how varied they are in my life. Certain friends bring different gifts to the table. There are those that know me to my core (old friends that I can pick up where I left off), those that I can call up to watch a girly movie with, those that would go shopping with me, those that I can get rational perspective, those that bring out the creative side in me, those that are my encouragement through & through, and so many more.

One aspect of friendship which amazes me is how I'm friends with people who are my complete opposite, but they tend to bless me beyond what I could ever dream. My all-time friend Veronica, who lives in San Diego, is that person in my life. We've been friends since before elementary school and share so many stories together. I'm extremely blessed by our friendship, because I know we'll always be friends, despite distance or differences. I never realized exactly how different we are until I met my friend Biz.

Ben and I and Biz & her husband Derrick were apart of the same small group after we got married. We were all involved in CCF in college. We were in the same Pre-Engagement class as well. However, we didn't really get to know one another till post-college. I remember wondering if Biz & I would become good friends, because I saw all the differences in us. However, God is good and the differences are what makes a great friendship at times. Plus, I have soon realized how much Veronica & Biz are actually alike, but I never saw it because I had simply always been friends with Veronica.

Well, all that to say and now Biz's daughter and mine are in a growing friendship (as much as 2 1/2 year olds can have) and it's super sweet to observe. The girls are 5 weeks apart in age and they couldn't be any more different from one another as Biz and I are different. I love it though and hope for a budding friendship that they value & cherish. As we were leaving their house one summer day, Veronica exhaled deeply while gazing out the window and sighed, "Bye Bye Adri, Bye Bye....Oh, I love her so much!" Well said, Veronica!


Amber said...

Awwwwwwwwww! what a cute couple of little girls! :)

just4ann said...

oh how sweet!