Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twin Lakes

We had a wonderful time in Eastern Washington at Ben's grandparents cabin. We had no cell phone or internet service, which was lovely. Grandparents, Auntie Mimi & Uncle Bob to give extra love to the girls. Mommy getting to sleep in and only have to put one daughter to bed for naps (somedays I didn't have to put either of them to bed).

I got to make some yummy food (something I love being able to do, while the relatives watched the girls).

We got to go swimming,

ride in the boat (in more ways than one),

pick the best raspberries I've ever tasted

& simply relax.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it?! Unfortunately, it wasn't completely blissful as I'm stating. There is only a certain amount of relaxation a mommy can have being on vacation with two little ones running (or should I say one running and the other one almost crawling) around & still nursing the 9 month old. A vacation for a mommy would mean no kids, because when you're with your kids (even with grandparent help, which they were), you simply cannot pull yourself out of your mommy duties. As I was explaining this to Ben (bless his soul), I don't think daddy's fully understand all what we mommy's are thinking about when it comes to the nitty gritty of everyday life of kid stuff.

If you're a mama (or if you once had little ones who are much older) of little ones than you can relate. You think about nutrition even on vacation..."is he or she getting enough greens to stay regular?" You think about bedtimes even on vacation (especially when they're still on naps)..."even if they go to bed at 8:30pm they still wake up at 6:00 am and everyone will be miserable." You think about discipline on vacation..."just because we are on vacation doesn't mean manners & obedience go out the window." The problem with mommy vacation with kids is...WE DON'T STOP THINKING! It's not that I don't want a break from it, but it's part of my role in this whole storyline. Sure, I could let nutrition fly out the window as Ben would say, " a couple days won't hurt her," but that doesn't sit right with me (are there any moms nodding yet, while dads or grandparents might be saying, "take a chill pill!"). But what's worst of all is when a whole new dilemma gets thrown in and thickens the plot line. It's that dilemma, which is unforeseeable no matter the pre-planning involved.

I like to call it, "I won't be eating polenta or roasted red peppers for quite some time, because I was up at 1:00am puking them up-sort-of-unforeseeable-dilemma/conflict-in-the-storyline." Yes my friends, puking and the other undesirable from the other end is where my vacation ended for me. Everything was fine Thursday evening, until I got up to go to bed. I mentioned to Ben that I wasn't feeling very well, but thought, "Oh, I just need to sleep." Wrong I was, as the thunder & lightening were crashing across the sky--there my stomach was following suit.

Although I was miserable thinking about death & child labor (I always think about death while I'm sick & how I don't want anymore kids because of the pain, I'm a bit of a melodramatic) in the wee hours of the night, I was also praying that my girls wouldn't get this sickness. It's amazing how you can be sitting on the toilet in total depravity while puking your guts out and the mama brain & heart immediately goes to your children's safety. No matter how much I hate being sick, I am willing to be the scape goat for my girls. I also am amazed at how my melodrama meter (on a scale from 1-10) has gone from a nine in my formative years to a one to two in having children.

I still had a baby to nurse. I still had a big girl to smile at and let her know I loved her. I still had to be mama, which caused me to force myself to get better. I was lucky to have Gramma & Pawga Scellick there to take Veronica with them back to Ellensburg, while Ben, Cadence & I stayed at the cabin (3 1/2 hours NE of Ellensburg) to see when I would get better. I woke up from another nap feeling better, not 100%, or even 80%, but better, and I told Ben that we should get everything packed up to go. I'm so glad we did, because it so happened that the bug left after 24 hours.

We did have a great time all in all and I have to go back to full time mommy duty at 6:00 am tomorrow, which means I better end this soon and crawl into bed, because one thing's for girl's take the meaning, "it's always best to clock in five minutes before your shift starts!"

Cadence staring adoringly at her Grandpa.

Veronica calls this her crazy hair and typically refuses to pull it back.

She lets me pull it back while she's eating as to not get food in her hair; but, look at that beautiful face you can see under the crazy hair.


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Amen! You preach it, Sista. I hate how we (moms) turn into the bad guys around family (especially in laws) because we seek routine, rules, consistency during vacays. NOT because we're mean, but because we want to enjoy our vacays. Not to mention we want everyone else to enjoy them too. Heaven forbid if a child is up at 5 am because they were overtired from the day before, it is us, the strong, the proud, mothers who are up with that child while everyone who gave us nasty looks for being the wee-otches the day before are still in dreamland.

Glad you're back in internet-world. And back on my list of blogs. ;)

KAMILLE said...

Hey Emily--I am blogging, it's just when I go to private viewing than it won't pop up as a new feed in your blog list. You just have to keep checking back to see if I've updated.

I have to say that I do have wonderful in-laws who help out a lot when it comes to our girls. We are definitely lucky to have a grandma & grandpa close to us who willingly offers to change the diapers and much more. It's all the other stuff though that I was writing about that a mom just can't let go.

Glad you understand!

Jenny said...

Bummer you were sick but glad it was semi-fleeting. Looks/sounds like a nice place to vacation.

When V's hair is pulled back she looks so much older! And actually seeing her face is a bonus, too. Your girls look so similar but different at the same time. That's how genes work I guess.

Keep up the good mommying!