Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Safe Keeping

It would seem to be an ordinary afternoon like many I've walked through before. Girls are napping upstairs, while I'm on the main floor picking up, organizing the kitchen and about to make dinner. As I was looking at our already small kitchen space, I knew our countertop needed some reassessment. Actually, it was probably more of my need to rearrange items to obtain a sense of newness without purchasing anything.

So as I was cleaning on the counters, sink, appliances and such, I saw the coffee machine sitting there taking up space. You see, we have an espresso machine, which I use ritualistically every morning. I was sure we made a pot of coffee when people came over a couple months back and never put back in storage.

However, before moving it to storage I needed to clean it, which would entail checking the filter basket to ensure a science project wasn't brewing on a forgotten pile of coffee grounds.

Now enter culprit monkey pants into the story.

As I opened the lid, I was surprised to see something completely opposite of grounds. But what I saw made me chuckle and smile, as I remembered Veronica helping me in the kitchen to make some food the previous week. I also recalled Veronica touching the toaster and checking out the safety of the buttons on these gadgets. I also remembered there being some mini muffin liners sitting on the counter, which obviously makes a 2 1/2 year old think they need to be put somewhere safe, like a coffee filter basket.


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She is such a great little helper.