Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our little Cadence is in the reaching for everything mode. I don't want her to start crawling anytime soon, because that would mean for some hectic times around this house, but it could come much more quickly than with Veronica.

She is a very funny girl. In fact, she has a lot of similarities to a puppy or a kitten. When I'm holding her, she'll stare up at me and out of nowhere swat at my face with her hand. Then, on those instances where she does get a grip of my face, she practically tears my face off. She can also put her whole leg behind her head. So when she was nursing the other day she was staring at me, reaching for my face with her hand, while raising her left foot to her ear and started to move her toes in a scratching motion. It was like when a dog scratches their hind ears, that's Cadence.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!


just4ann said...

So sweet! She sounds like a real character

Adrienne said...

awww i miss this girl so much.