Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fun Times with Auntie Mimi

We were so lucky to have our lovely Auntie Mimi come and visit on a Saturday a couple weeks back. Isn't it funny how before having children we would simply call Auntie Mimi by her name, Amber, but now we refer to her as "our" Auntie Mimi. Much like Ben and I refer to one another as mommy & daddy. Yes, well, we had a chill day and ended our time with going to Zuanich Park, where Veronica thoroughly enjoyed playing on the playground.

We were able to pull her away from the playground to walk around the playground, and even go to the "bridge" (as Veronica called it) that led to the dock. She was reluctant to leave the playground, but once she went on the bridge she of course didn't want to leave the bridge (young children and their capacity to change interests instantaneously).

Veronica also has a love for piggies. Piggies [pig-ee]: verb, to ride on mommy's back over & over for endless delight. I gave her a piggyback ride, but our big little girl can last only so long on my back. And then Auntie Mimi offered to give her a piggy.

Veronica had fun giving pats to Auntie Mimi's head. She also let Auntie Mimi put a ponytail in her hair, which is hard for mommy to do, but I guess she wanted to be like her Auntie. She even posed for the camera and gave kisses to her auntie. I can say it's because she loves her Auntie Mimi a lot.

We love our Auntie Mimi and we know Cadence is going to have as much fun with her as Veronica does; in fact, the next morning when Veronica woke up she asked Ben, "Play with Auntie Mimi today?" Yes, she loves her auntie!


just4ann said...

Veronica is just so sweet!

Amber said...

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!! It was the best day ever! That little monkey is an endless source of cuteness mixed with ridiculousness. :)