Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

My mom had different ways in which she disciplined me and my older brother, both were very different from one another. She soon realized what type of discipline did and did not work for us. Willy hated being sent to his room; he'd just as soon be spanked to get it over with. Me on the other hand HATED spankings and loved my room.

One of my most beloved items as a child was my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed. I could lay on my bed and look up to see Strawberry and the gang from Strawberryland. It was sublime. My mom realized after one day of sending me to my room that this discipline didn't quite work, because she heard talking in my room. She thought to herself, "I told her she wasn't allowed to play with her toys."

(the plot thickens) To her surprise, I was obeying my mother on that fateful day, but what was I doing? Well, I was lying on my bed looking up at my friends and having them talk to one another (the beauty of a rapid imagination). Speed forward 25 years later and meet Veronica. Very similar with imagination (and I have a feeling sending her to her room won't work out too well) and loves the new Strawberry Shortcake as much as her mama. In fact, she was recalling her friends to daddy today and some of the Strawberry characters were named as well as her real life friends.

Well yesterday I thought I should make strawberry shortcakes for dessert on the fourth, because one: I have a great shortcake recipe, two: I was the delegated strawberry huller and slicer in my family growing up, so those skills should remain and three: both one & two are to be put to use to for a fourth of July dessert (don'tcha think?). This would also be Veronica's first taste of strawberry shortcake. Result: she loved it!

Recap: As Veronica saw how I made the shortcake she was happily taking it outside to sit at her table to eat. Well, one of her blueberries fell off her plate and she was picking it up. Unfortunately, as she was picking up her blueberry with one hand, the other hand holding the plate was tilted and her shortcake fell on the floor. Complete trauma! As I was consoling her (and letting her know that I would make a new one), I related her experience to her Baby Happy Baby Sad book when the baby was happy holding his ice cream cone and how he was sad in the next picture when his ice cream cone fell on the ground.


just4ann said...

What a very intelligent little girl. I was so amazed to hear how she was associating what happen in a book to her mishap with her strawberry shortcake. I love how she said her new dessert was perfect. I am so proud of her.

Amber said...

I love to hear her jabbering on and you translating for the rest of us. :) She's so advanced. Not like normal kids... I mean REALLY advanced.

Amber said...

I must watch this video 3 times a day. :) Still cute to me :) "alskroiut sld sldh sddfhh f... ice cream cone" is my favorite part :)