Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Videos

Veronica is an excellent sister to Cadence and as Cadence would have it, she absolutely adores her big sister. We have truly been blessed thus far with how sweet, kind, & gentle Veronica is with Cadence. **Now if I can insert something right now before I go any further. As a reader of other blogs, I can be easy to feel like..."man, their kid does that? My kid isn't even close," which is basically translated into comparing my child to other kids. With that said, I hope that if you're a mama and you're older child isn't quite like this--please think about all the great things your older child does that mine certainly does not do.

We have had our deal of struggles with Veronica, but fortunately at this point in time we haven't dealt with deliberate meanness towards Cadence. In fact, today she got down from her chair at lunchtime to go and pick up Cadence's toy that she dropped. She gladly helps me out by getting Cadence a rice cracker, or even feeding her Cheerios (like in the video below). She loves sharing a room with her; and by the giggling from Cadence, I assume she too loves it.

I also recently bought this book called, 'Sisters' by David McPhail, which as you'd guess by the title, is about two sisters. It talks about how the sisters are different, how they're alike and then as the last page reads, "But there is one way in which they are most alike, because you see, they love each other so very much." Veronica loves having me read this over and over again. In order for us to keep the peace, we continue to praise her for her wonderful efforts towards her sister and tell her how lucky Cadence is to have a big sister like herself. We also let her know how much Cadence loves her and looks to her what a sweet girl acts like. This works especially well for Veronica because she thrives on affirmation and praise the most. So enjoy a bit of sisterly love and dance off.

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Amber said...

I can see taytay's little teeth growing in!! and caca is such a good big sister. i notice that she tests the cheerios for quality before she lets cadence have one. ;) what a sweet monkey. :) tell her aunt mimi is very proud!