Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day in photos

While being at the park on Monday, there were a group of kids from a local daycare lining up to leave the park. My friend overheard a mother tell her two young sons, "That's why daddy works so hard, so mommy can stay at home and you don't have to line up to go to daycare." I laughed and agreed.

Now I know that statement could possibly hurt someone's feelings if they send their child to daycare, but that's not what I'm meaning when I post it. In looking at the positive side of her comment, I am so glad Ben works so hard, in order for me to stay at home with my girls (there are some days or even hours that I wonder about this decision). I do question my abilities as a mother (who doesn't) like if I am a good mother, do I engage enough, am I giving myself enough grace, etc.

Last night as I got into bed I asked Ben, "are there times when you stop and think, 'is this really the rest of my life?'" He said, "Yeah!" and chuckled. I think yesterday was one of those days where I felt more irritable, unfocused, and felt like I wasn't cutting it as a mom. It was one of those, "I need to get out of here" days. Everything seemed as if it was out of sync. I went to bed praying for grace and even trying my hardest to simply receive it.

This morning was a different morning for sure. In fact, today was a different day. I felt as though I was stepping in rhythm with God's timing. So with that, here are some fun flashes of our day. Cadence simply "being," in all her cuteness and amazingly LONG hair. I am refusing to cut bangs on either of my girls. But, I guess we'll see how long I stick to that with Cadence. Oh yes, isn't she sitting up rather well AND she has her two bottom teeth now AND I think her eyes will be brown (sad face for mama--I was hoping for hazel).

I'm a big advocate of getting your kids in the kitchen with you as much as possible. Here's a quick and easy lunch. Have your child put an english muffin on a baking pan (lined with parchment paper). Have them put marinara sauce on top. You cut the zucchini (or whatever vegetable or fruit or whatever) and they place them on top. I advise against rearranging to make it look adult perfect, you can make suggestions, but leave it the way they make it so they have ownership of it. You grate the cheese or have them help, but definitely let them sprinkle it on top. You put it in the oven. Let them watch it bubble if you have a window on the oven door. Wala, you have yourself a fun and easy lunch.

Here's Veronica listening to a Strawberry Shortcake song on my IPhone. I think we listened to it well over 40 times. I'm still singing it in my head ("it's a berry blossom festival...).

Cadence loves to be able to feed herself, especially if they're Mums Rice Wafers (or bananas).

We've been eating breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or anytime we eat anything outside if possible. One it's super easy to clean and it makes it a lot more fun. Plus, after you're done, there's bound to be a bit of a mess, but luckily cleaning with water is ALWAYS fun in a little ones mind. We swabbed the deck and then Veronica began to water my plants after that.


Paige said...

What a terrific mommy you are! I completely agree with the opening statement and I too am very thankful for a hard-working husband so that I can stay home with my girls.

I am excited to try your english muffin pizzas. I made homemade english muffins last week and am pleased with the result so we'll give these a whirl on my new english muffins!

Oh, and I would like to be on your list for your private blog.

Adrienne said...

Yeah I had one of those days yesterday. Not fun, and I too was questioning my abilities as a mom. Sighhhhh good to know I'm not the only one. Cute photos. I can't believe how well Cadence is sitting up, and she has two teeth, and is eating by herself! Great job little baby Cadence.

just4ann said...

I knew that all my grandchildren would be just the cutest and smartest because of the family lines they come from....I mean I am not being prideful or anything. Just the facts.

KAMILLE said...

Paige--thank so much and of course I will put your email down on my list for the blog! I love reading your's as well!

Adrienne--It's always reassuring to hear other moms speak openly of their struggles (makes them more human and in need of a Savior). I think that's Satan's trick to get us isolated and thinking we are "the only ones" to be dealing with this stuff. You're a great mom to Lucas and God knew what he was doing when he chose you for the job.

Mom--it's totally your right and privilege to be a bias grandparent, You've earned it! Plus, what other person (including dad, Steve & Cherie) are going to love these girls unconditionally?

Jenny said...

Good call on the no-bangs. You can never see little girls' pretty faces when they have bangs.