Monday, July 20, 2009


We went down to the water to take cousin pictures, but I also managed to get some close-ups of the girls. I'm trying to figure out the editing program on the computer, so I added some effects to some of them to make them a hazy look.

The first three are of Cadence girl who is blooming with smiles all the time. She's now 8 months old and brings delight to our hearts. Just this morning she starting blabbering with new sounds that we hadn't heard before, like..."mamamamama!"

She's also moving her body in a rocking motion while she's sitting up, which makes me wonder how far around the corner crawling is for us all.

We're not just saying that she smiles all the's true, she really does.

She's figuring out her tongue and how it works.

Then there's Veronica. We were wondering if she would stop whining and asking to lay down anytime soon. Mainly, because it seemed as though she had been sick for about a month; however, she didn't have a fever. Finally, this past Wednesday when my family was scheduled to arrive, she complained about not wanting to get out of bed, SUPER whiny & even told me she needed to go to the doctor. Come to find out that she had a case of a bladder infection.

Luckily, after taking the medicine for just one day (she has to take it for a week) we've noticed a happy little girl. It's amazing how sour one's attitude can be when they feel sick. Here she is with her sweet smile & self.


Adrienne said...

I'm glad Veronica is better. You have two precious little girls! I look forward to seeing you guys soon. I'm excited that you might come for Christmas. So so so fun.

just4ann said...

I a so glad you were able to get to the bottom of Veronica not feeling well. So by what Adrienne's comment you might come down here for Christmas. Oh, that would be so wonderful. I want to see all of you so much.