Friday, July 3, 2009

The "Best" Day Ever

I remember speaking to a friend of ours a couple years back and he was talking about his three boys and the sayings they had as youngins. This was during Veronica's infancy, so it was quite some time before sentences. He said that each boy (they're two years apart in age) would have an exclamation of sorts, each being unique and not something He or his wife would even say.

Now that Veronica is in this stage of life, I'm understanding what he's talking about. As you remember from previous posts on her "Veronicaisms" she's used the exclamation, "It's the best day!" Well, I have to steal her phrase and apply it to my morning. Ben and I decided that we would give each other a turn to sleep in, since he has today off making it two mornings to accomplish this lofty goal.

Today was my morning. Unfortunately, I really couldn't sleep in, but any other day of the week I can--seriously disappointing. Ben had shut our door to get Veronica and probably told her, "Mama's sleeping, so let's go downstairs quietly."
Well, I got out of bed shortly after and there was Veronica at the bottom of the stairs and announced to all who could hear, "MAMA's AWAKE!" However, she hadn't seen me yet, she only heard me. Then, she saw me and with eyes & mouth wide open exclaimed, "OHHH!" and ran up the stairs to greet me.

Now, that was already a gift in itself to see her clamoring up the stairs to see me, but what came out of her mouth made it the best day. She exclaimed, "Mama came back! (pause) I'm SO glad!"
To which Ben said, "Kamille, I think that proves that you're needed around here and Veronica thinks you're the best!" (the night before I was feeling inadequate again and questioning my mothering abilities) So yes, I think I need to pay mind to her words and listen up, because I think God was giving me a gift through my 2 1/2 year old.
"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise."

**After that wonderful gift I took Veronica with me to the doughnut shop near our house, where she ate her very first doughnut. She also picked it out herself. A pink one with sprinkles!


just4ann said...

Veronica is growing up so fast and I am missing out. It is just so wonderful to hear my little girl talking and able to convey her thoughts. It was so neat that she was able to recognize the colors of the sprinkle on the donut.

Amber said...

she's such a good little talker!!!! i'm starting to understand her! i just had to watch it 5 or 6 times! did she say "I so naughty, i got a pink one"??

Amber said...

and i like it when she goes "mmMMMmmm"

KAMILLE said...

Amber she's saying, "I so LUCKY, I got a pink one!"

Amber said...

that's the cutest thing i've ever heard.

Jenny said...

This: "Mama came back! (pause) I'm SO glad!" melts my heart.