Thursday, July 30, 2009

Have you seen this?

Within a week of it's posting, this video had like a million views. My favorite is the Jack Black guy. You need to watch the second video, as it's a spoof on the first.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fun Videos

Veronica is an excellent sister to Cadence and as Cadence would have it, she absolutely adores her big sister. We have truly been blessed thus far with how sweet, kind, & gentle Veronica is with Cadence. **Now if I can insert something right now before I go any further. As a reader of other blogs, I can be easy to feel like..."man, their kid does that? My kid isn't even close," which is basically translated into comparing my child to other kids. With that said, I hope that if you're a mama and you're older child isn't quite like this--please think about all the great things your older child does that mine certainly does not do.

We have had our deal of struggles with Veronica, but fortunately at this point in time we haven't dealt with deliberate meanness towards Cadence. In fact, today she got down from her chair at lunchtime to go and pick up Cadence's toy that she dropped. She gladly helps me out by getting Cadence a rice cracker, or even feeding her Cheerios (like in the video below). She loves sharing a room with her; and by the giggling from Cadence, I assume she too loves it.

I also recently bought this book called, 'Sisters' by David McPhail, which as you'd guess by the title, is about two sisters. It talks about how the sisters are different, how they're alike and then as the last page reads, "But there is one way in which they are most alike, because you see, they love each other so very much." Veronica loves having me read this over and over again. In order for us to keep the peace, we continue to praise her for her wonderful efforts towards her sister and tell her how lucky Cadence is to have a big sister like herself. We also let her know how much Cadence loves her and looks to her what a sweet girl acts like. This works especially well for Veronica because she thrives on affirmation and praise the most. So enjoy a bit of sisterly love and dance off.

Monday, July 20, 2009


We went down to the water to take cousin pictures, but I also managed to get some close-ups of the girls. I'm trying to figure out the editing program on the computer, so I added some effects to some of them to make them a hazy look.

The first three are of Cadence girl who is blooming with smiles all the time. She's now 8 months old and brings delight to our hearts. Just this morning she starting blabbering with new sounds that we hadn't heard before, like..."mamamamama!"

She's also moving her body in a rocking motion while she's sitting up, which makes me wonder how far around the corner crawling is for us all.

We're not just saying that she smiles all the's true, she really does.

She's figuring out her tongue and how it works.

Then there's Veronica. We were wondering if she would stop whining and asking to lay down anytime soon. Mainly, because it seemed as though she had been sick for about a month; however, she didn't have a fever. Finally, this past Wednesday when my family was scheduled to arrive, she complained about not wanting to get out of bed, SUPER whiny & even told me she needed to go to the doctor. Come to find out that she had a case of a bladder infection.

Luckily, after taking the medicine for just one day (she has to take it for a week) we've noticed a happy little girl. It's amazing how sour one's attitude can be when they feel sick. Here she is with her sweet smile & self.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


If you're a parent, did you envision of an ideal in your home of how your older child would welcome your younger child into the home with the grandest display of hospitality this side of the Mississippi? Then, that ideal quickly came crashing down, as you witness a side in your oldest you had never seen prior baby being born!

I'm sure we all have our stories about our older oldest children acting a bit different than what we'd like for sure. In our home, we are fortunate at this stage in the game to have a very sweet big sister who is gentle and kind to her little sister. In fact, if I ask Veronica to go and give Cadence a toy, or a rice Mum Mum than she will with a lioness sort of care for her cub. She is a good big sister who doesn't want any harm done, but she's also not completely interested in Cadence either (maybe Cadence has grabbed Veronica's hair one too many times?).

So when my brother, sister-in-law, & nephew came this past week to visit, it was no surprise that she didn't jump on the baby bandwagon of welcoming cousin Lucas with hugs & kisses. In fact, it seems Cadence had elected herself as the welcoming chairperson of the house, because she couldn't get enough of her dear cousin. It could be that the had met when Lucas was only a week old, but my hunch is that's just the way she rolls.

We had a good visit with Willy, Adrienne, & Lucas. They came up from AZ (as most of you know that is where I grew up) to escape the dreadful 113+ degree heat (so if you thought the past couple days were hot than maybe you need to rethink it and visit them). We had a wonderful time of talking, laughing, eating good food, taking in Bellingham and of course enjoying some cousin time (which was pure delight).

I was really excited for them to come and never realized how much I would enjoy watching my girls interact with their cousin. I never realized how much I love that they have a cousin. And although I knew Lucas was cute, I didn't know he was THAT cute. In many of his photos he looks quite stoic, but he is quite opposite with his HUGE grin. It was a great time and I really wish they lived closer to have the cousins grow up with one another, and be able to parent alongside of them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

My mom had different ways in which she disciplined me and my older brother, both were very different from one another. She soon realized what type of discipline did and did not work for us. Willy hated being sent to his room; he'd just as soon be spanked to get it over with. Me on the other hand HATED spankings and loved my room.

One of my most beloved items as a child was my Strawberry Shortcake canopy bed. I could lay on my bed and look up to see Strawberry and the gang from Strawberryland. It was sublime. My mom realized after one day of sending me to my room that this discipline didn't quite work, because she heard talking in my room. She thought to herself, "I told her she wasn't allowed to play with her toys."

(the plot thickens) To her surprise, I was obeying my mother on that fateful day, but what was I doing? Well, I was lying on my bed looking up at my friends and having them talk to one another (the beauty of a rapid imagination). Speed forward 25 years later and meet Veronica. Very similar with imagination (and I have a feeling sending her to her room won't work out too well) and loves the new Strawberry Shortcake as much as her mama. In fact, she was recalling her friends to daddy today and some of the Strawberry characters were named as well as her real life friends.

Well yesterday I thought I should make strawberry shortcakes for dessert on the fourth, because one: I have a great shortcake recipe, two: I was the delegated strawberry huller and slicer in my family growing up, so those skills should remain and three: both one & two are to be put to use to for a fourth of July dessert (don'tcha think?). This would also be Veronica's first taste of strawberry shortcake. Result: she loved it!

Recap: As Veronica saw how I made the shortcake she was happily taking it outside to sit at her table to eat. Well, one of her blueberries fell off her plate and she was picking it up. Unfortunately, as she was picking up her blueberry with one hand, the other hand holding the plate was tilted and her shortcake fell on the floor. Complete trauma! As I was consoling her (and letting her know that I would make a new one), I related her experience to her Baby Happy Baby Sad book when the baby was happy holding his ice cream cone and how he was sad in the next picture when his ice cream cone fell on the ground.

Friday, July 3, 2009

The "Best" Day Ever

I remember speaking to a friend of ours a couple years back and he was talking about his three boys and the sayings they had as youngins. This was during Veronica's infancy, so it was quite some time before sentences. He said that each boy (they're two years apart in age) would have an exclamation of sorts, each being unique and not something He or his wife would even say.

Now that Veronica is in this stage of life, I'm understanding what he's talking about. As you remember from previous posts on her "Veronicaisms" she's used the exclamation, "It's the best day!" Well, I have to steal her phrase and apply it to my morning. Ben and I decided that we would give each other a turn to sleep in, since he has today off making it two mornings to accomplish this lofty goal.

Today was my morning. Unfortunately, I really couldn't sleep in, but any other day of the week I can--seriously disappointing. Ben had shut our door to get Veronica and probably told her, "Mama's sleeping, so let's go downstairs quietly."
Well, I got out of bed shortly after and there was Veronica at the bottom of the stairs and announced to all who could hear, "MAMA's AWAKE!" However, she hadn't seen me yet, she only heard me. Then, she saw me and with eyes & mouth wide open exclaimed, "OHHH!" and ran up the stairs to greet me.

Now, that was already a gift in itself to see her clamoring up the stairs to see me, but what came out of her mouth made it the best day. She exclaimed, "Mama came back! (pause) I'm SO glad!"
To which Ben said, "Kamille, I think that proves that you're needed around here and Veronica thinks you're the best!" (the night before I was feeling inadequate again and questioning my mothering abilities) So yes, I think I need to pay mind to her words and listen up, because I think God was giving me a gift through my 2 1/2 year old.
"From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise."

**After that wonderful gift I took Veronica with me to the doughnut shop near our house, where she ate her very first doughnut. She also picked it out herself. A pink one with sprinkles!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day in photos

While being at the park on Monday, there were a group of kids from a local daycare lining up to leave the park. My friend overheard a mother tell her two young sons, "That's why daddy works so hard, so mommy can stay at home and you don't have to line up to go to daycare." I laughed and agreed.

Now I know that statement could possibly hurt someone's feelings if they send their child to daycare, but that's not what I'm meaning when I post it. In looking at the positive side of her comment, I am so glad Ben works so hard, in order for me to stay at home with my girls (there are some days or even hours that I wonder about this decision). I do question my abilities as a mother (who doesn't) like if I am a good mother, do I engage enough, am I giving myself enough grace, etc.

Last night as I got into bed I asked Ben, "are there times when you stop and think, 'is this really the rest of my life?'" He said, "Yeah!" and chuckled. I think yesterday was one of those days where I felt more irritable, unfocused, and felt like I wasn't cutting it as a mom. It was one of those, "I need to get out of here" days. Everything seemed as if it was out of sync. I went to bed praying for grace and even trying my hardest to simply receive it.

This morning was a different morning for sure. In fact, today was a different day. I felt as though I was stepping in rhythm with God's timing. So with that, here are some fun flashes of our day. Cadence simply "being," in all her cuteness and amazingly LONG hair. I am refusing to cut bangs on either of my girls. But, I guess we'll see how long I stick to that with Cadence. Oh yes, isn't she sitting up rather well AND she has her two bottom teeth now AND I think her eyes will be brown (sad face for mama--I was hoping for hazel).

I'm a big advocate of getting your kids in the kitchen with you as much as possible. Here's a quick and easy lunch. Have your child put an english muffin on a baking pan (lined with parchment paper). Have them put marinara sauce on top. You cut the zucchini (or whatever vegetable or fruit or whatever) and they place them on top. I advise against rearranging to make it look adult perfect, you can make suggestions, but leave it the way they make it so they have ownership of it. You grate the cheese or have them help, but definitely let them sprinkle it on top. You put it in the oven. Let them watch it bubble if you have a window on the oven door. Wala, you have yourself a fun and easy lunch.

Here's Veronica listening to a Strawberry Shortcake song on my IPhone. I think we listened to it well over 40 times. I'm still singing it in my head ("it's a berry blossom festival...).

Cadence loves to be able to feed herself, especially if they're Mums Rice Wafers (or bananas).

We've been eating breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or anytime we eat anything outside if possible. One it's super easy to clean and it makes it a lot more fun. Plus, after you're done, there's bound to be a bit of a mess, but luckily cleaning with water is ALWAYS fun in a little ones mind. We swabbed the deck and then Veronica began to water my plants after that.