Thursday, June 4, 2009

Spring like Summer

First off, I'm sorry about the quality, but I seem to never have my camera on me when the opportunity arrives and I take pictures with my phone camera. We have been thoroughly enjoying our warm spring. Growing up in Arizona, it was already in the 100s by now and I'm definitely glad that is not the warm front, which encroached upon the Pacific NW.

I do believe we have spent every single day out in the water. Veronica asks me every morning if we can go play in the water. Now since we live in condo, we do not have a yard or even a hose to fill up a kiddie pool. However, Veronica is a very lucky individual, because she has a mother who is experienced in the realms of inventive measures to cool one's body (that is when there is no pool). Let me take you back to my childhood summers when my cousins, brothers, and I filled a big garbage can (it was an unused one) with water and used it to cool off our Arizona beaten bodies. Now, fast forward, we fill buckets full of water, put some toys inside, strap on a swimsuit to one two year old girl and it makes for an enthusiastic little girl and content mama.

As you can see, she has yet to realize that we don't drink our bucket water, or pool water for that matter. As she would drink water, she would go, "MMMmmm, MMmmm!" like it's the most wonderful drink she's ever had before.

She also decided that the little bucket was far more appealing than the quite larger bucket, can't you guess why?

One of Veronica's other favorite things is rocks. If only we lived in the country and had a gravel driveway, with a gravel parking lot, along with a gravel swimming pool (of course, we'd have to have two swimming pools, one for the actual use of swimming). Here she is soaking her saltwater sandaled (not a word) feet in the lake with one of her all-time favorite people and throwing rocks in for great measure.

Our little Cadence has begun eating solid foods and she enjoys them. One of her favorites is Mums (little rice wafers which dissolve in the mouth). She is are ray of sunshine and admirer of her bigger sister. Anytime Veronica walks in the room, Cadence beams. Literally, she beams!

Here are the babies of our Thursday playgroup (minus two). It's been amazing seeing how these second born are growing up so fast and how soon they will be the age of the older ones. Veronica and I have been apart of this playgroup for almost a year & a half now and I have truly grown to love & respect these fellow moms and their kids. I really love Thursday mornings and they're even better when it's sunny outside, because it means water weather.


Amber said...

LOL. Awww. You have the cutest little girls ever! I miss them and can't wait to see them at the wedding!

John and Sarah Pell said...

Don't you love the warmer weather! The summer is so much fun with kids!!

Talia said...

Great pictures, Kamille. I love the shot of the play group babies and the one of V with Papa.