Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Sick Bug comes in June

Both girls have come down with a case of the bug this past week. First Cadence got hit with it on Tuesday with a fever and runny nose, which meant only time would tell when Veronica would get it as well. Sure enough, come Thursday Veronica was dawdling a bit more than usual and getting snuggy with her blankie. We were going to go to playgroup, but upon the third time checking her temperature it had increased to 101.

Now rewind one day to Ben's office. Us girls decide to visit daddy and his co-workers and try to hit Wednesday's Farmers Market (Veronica actually told Ben that morning that she wanted to go to the Farmer's Market without knowing that there was one, which makes this mama so proud). Well, by the time we get to daddy's office, Veronica was slowly fading fast. She started getting sad that she didn't have her blankie and said, "Mama, hold you (she hasn't figured out that she should say me, not you)!" Then, she proceeded to say, "Go home, Caca lay down, Caca lay down." So home we went and even after dinner she was dragging Ben upstairs to hurry through bedtime routine.
Ben said that he would drag out bedtime since it was only 6:00 and she goes to bed at 7:00. However, by 6:30 she was asking for her songs to listen to (waffle song and Spanish song) and told Ben, "Light off, daddy go!"

That night as Ben and I were lying in bed I recalled the events of the day to Ben and said, "Wow Veronica put herself to bed tonight, maybe it's a sign that she's growing up and she's past the screaming stage?" Ben replies, "Yeah!"

Next day rolls along...I retract my statement and realize it's just because she was coming down with the sick bug.

Some of our favorite Veronicaisms to date:

Veronica who had been talking about going to Sunday School all week.
On Sunday Ben says: "Veronica it's time for us to go to Sunday School."
Veronica with much sadness: "No Sunday School, lay in bed, go to sleep."
They ended up not going

After both girls have gone down for the night and I'm walking downstairs all I hear is this:
Veronica repeatedly: "Angel Food...ANgel Food...angel FOOD?" over and over
(she's referencing Strawberry Shortcake)

Veronica: "SchNape!" This is her curse word and we're not sure if that is what she's saying, but she definitely says it when she's frustrated or angry.

A noise is heard somewhere in the distance. Veronica is playing and stops to look up.
Veronica says with a serious voice, "I hear that!"

Veronica: "No! Baby Cadence sleep in crib! Baby Cadence sleep in crib!" as Ben puts Veronica to bed and Cadence hasn't been put in her crib yet due to nursing in our room.

Me: "Cadence, your bangs are long!"
Veronica breaks out laughing and saying, "BANGS! BANGS! Say again!"
I repeat the word bangs to which Veronica laughs more.

After leaving playgroup and driving home here is our discussion.
Veronica: "Go home and eat lunch?"
Me: "Yes!"
Veronica: "Eat, Quesa-Dilla?"
Me: "Yes we can eat a quesadilla."
(right after I say this a school bus drives by in front of us, one of Veronica's favorite things)
Veronica with pure delight: "A SCHOOL BUS!"
Me with added mommy excitement: "Yes, you're right it IS a school bus!"
Veronica with a reflective/excited tone: "Oh my, This is the BEST day!"


Paige said...

I LOVE the Veronicaisms. She is such a fun girl.

thepaperbluebird said...

I love reading the Veronicaisms... Gracelynne had her own curse word too... Beaster. Gailen and I still use it to this day! You have such lovely girls Kamille. What fun you must have!!

katy robinson said...

"Oh my, this is the BEST day."

haha that's just my favorite!