Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Say Cheese! (who coined that phrase anyway?)

Trying to get a baby to smile may seem like a hard task, but getting a 2 year old to give a genuine smile is much more hard. You should note that Veronica is scrinching up her face, because that is her "I'm giving you my fake camera smile." Another thing you should note is the 3 second video of Veronica. I thought I was pressing the picture button, but I had it on video. However, I'm glad I had it on, because seeing Veronica go in and out of her cheesy smile is priceless in my book.


Adrienne said...

haha. aw. veronica is such a hoot. i can't wait to see her. are you telling her that we are coming and so excited to spend some time with her?! of course cadence too. she is so sweet and precious. i can't wait to hold her.

Amber said...

Hahaha! That's hysterical!!

KAMILLE said...

When I told Veronica that you all were coming, she got scared thinking I was talking about that night and that mommy & daddy were leaving her with someone. Now I'm working on it by pointing to the pictures I have of you two on the fridge. Which reminds me, I need a picture of Lucas to put on the fridge.