Sunday, June 14, 2009

quick update on life as we know it

it's getting late and I should really be in bed, but I will go after this. We spent the weekend down in Tacoma area for Ben's cousin's wedding. I will have to upload pictures from our trip. It was a fun but at times not always enjoyable trip.

We left Bellingham on Saturday morning to Tacoma. Ben's parents stayed the night in the hotel on Friday, so the plan was to get the girls to take a nap before the wedding. Of course, as any realistic parent knows, your plans don't always work according to plan. Veronica was put in a pack and play to take her nap, where she spent talking about Strawberry Shortcake for an hour and a half. Cadence slept just a little bit in the car and a little bit in the carrier on daddy. By the time we were needing to leave both girls were CRANKS. Oh my britches!

Cadence was screaming in the car (20 minute drive to the wedding), which she hardly ever does and Veronica was starting to get fussy. Ben's driving while I'm trying to get the girls calm. I'm going insane, so I turn some music on to start singing. Well, what do you know? Literally three minutes before we get to the wedding I notice that I'm not hearing any noise behind me. I turn to see two girls asleep like angels (seriously, I think the exorcist worked). We arrived with Ben volunteering to stay in the air conditioned car with the sleeping monkeys.

Eventually, they would awaken (by Cadence screaming and waking Veronica) and come to see the ceremony taking place. Both girls still fussy, me with Cadence nursing in the car and Veronica with daddy. Since Cadence hadn't gotten her typical two and half hour afternoon nap she was in no mood to be coddled by anyone (except mommy & daddy). This makes for a hard time when Grandma wants to show off her remarkably adorable second granddaughter to the rest of her family who hasn't met the charming Cadence. I pull out the Ergo and she falls asleep again..Whew! Veronica was changing moods as she was able to run around outside, but it all changed very quickly upon sitting at the table for a while.

Now it wasn't because we were sitting at the table that made her upset. It was more about eating M&M's. Actually, it was more than M&M's and more about the annoying centerpieces. Let me fill you in. First, let me say that the centerpieces would be beautiful to the virgin eye (and I mean a non-mother with small children virgin eye). Veronica was eating a couple M&M's that were part of the centerpiece, which was fine. But the other part of the centerpiece was flattened marbles. You know those glass circles that look like marbles (they are marbles) with a flat surface and you might see them in vases as well? These flat marbles were also placed around the table. Here's where that virgin eye comes into place. For a person without young children, this combo of M&M's in a glass dish on top of the square glass with a vase of flowers in the center and flat marbles placed around the outer edges of the square mirror glass would seem beautiful and fun. I mean, the M&M's even match the flat cute is that (do you hear my sarcasm?)?

As I'm watching my two year old eat her M&M's (my first time I look up from Cadence duty) I immediately notice the centerpiece and of course the flat marbles. PAUSE...if you have young children what does your mind jump to? Exactly, the marbles could be misconstrued as an M&M! Just before I could say anything to Ben or chuck all those marbles off the table, Veronica has already taken one and put it in her mouth. Ben reacts quickly (thank God), but all I hear him say is, "Veronica, spit it out! Open your mouth! Spit it out!" over and over again. He's reaching in her mouth to try and take it out. Veronica's crying because she's scared and there's nothing in her mouth. Here's me starting to hyperventilate and feel like I have something stuck in my airpipes. But, Veronica isn't losing any breath and just saying, "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA!!" I immediately think, "she probably already spit it out and it fell on the floor," which it did. Cadence woke up and Veronica only wanted me to comfort her. She was exhausted, scared and crying (so was I...just a little bit).

It was at this point of the night that I was thinking, "we should leave and get the girls to bed." (Note to self: pay attention to your first instinct always). Well, we stayed longer. Veronica eventually returned outside to meet a little boy skipping, whom she gladly joined, and rocks to throw in the fountain. What a delight! The problem with this joyful picture is the car ride home. Not so much for Veronica, but for Cadence. More screaming the whole way (so sad and miserable). Veronica kept saying, "Had fun at the party! I ate food! Skipped! Throw rocks in the water!" to which we had to reply, "Yes, you had fun at the party. Yes you ate food! Yes it was fun to skip! Yes Veronica you did throw rocks in the water."

We were certain the girls would go straight to bed, but somehow they didn't. Cadence went from screaming her head off to smiling to nursing to smiling and talking (where did this come from?). Veronica just never stopped. She got a triple wind from skipping at the party and it didn't leave her. She was put in the pack and play and simply kept talking and talking and talking. The hard part is we were all sharing a room in the hotel. Ben finally took her out and said, "let's go for a walk!" He took her on a 20 minute walk, which went something like this...walked outside in the dark, went to the pool, walked on the treadmill with Veronica saying, "No more walking!" She wanted to be done with the treadmill, but still had energy to burn as she was still talking. So Ben repeated it until she was rubbing her eyes and stopped talking as much and couldn't walk as fast.

Yet she woke us up on our seven year anniversary at 6:00am. How lovely & thoughtful of her! Luckily, Grandpa & Grandma took over by taking her swimming and eating breakfast. Then, by 9:50ish she was looking like a zombie. Now as I am writing she is bed where I should be and I'm just thankful we're home.

I have to say that even though these girls tire me out, I'm so very thankful to be there mama. I'm even more thankful that I have a loving, supportive, handsome & wonderful husband to share my life with (especially at 11:45 at night when your two year old isn't sleeping in the hotel room).


John and Sarah Pell said...

What a great post! The life of a mom is quite a whirlwind at times. I am sitting in the living room listening to Emma talk to the new stuffed kitty that the "binky fairy" gave her in place of her binky. So far, only talking no sleeping. Looks like it is going to be a very long day.

Jessica said...

Don't you just love it!?! I always say, once you get down "the rules", they change. Nap, no nap, likes to eat ___, doesn't like to eat ____. They keep us on our toes for sure! Sometimes you just gotta laugh it off, because what else are you going to do! :)

Paige said...

Your day rings so close to home for me! Before we moved to Olympia, every trip to see our families (at least once a month) was just like this. Thus the reason we moved!

It's fun to hear that I'm not the only one with days like this. Thanks for posting about how life REALLY is.

just4ann said...

It is interesting to read your stories of the girls and how they react on trips because it is almost as if you are writing about you and Willy whenever we would travel. It always proved to be a challenge and a unique adventure. It was hard to manage but I would never trade the experience for the world. You are both doing such a great job!

KAMILLE said...

Sarah--that's great, "binkie fairy," which makes me think of the book, 'Owen' by Kevin Henkes. You should check him out at the library. Glad you enjoyed reading about our adventures.

Paige, Yes this trip alone would make me want to move closer to my family if it was always like this in your situation. Not fun at all. Plus, it makes it hard when family and friends are only seeing the cranky side of your children.

Mom--thanks! I agree--I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Jessica--yes so true. Kids keep us real (and a little mental at times)