Thursday, June 18, 2009

metaphors, Ma, & morning

If my life were a pair of shoes, these are what they would be...Cordaban Dansko Clogs. They go with almost any color (versatility), slip right on and off, dress up or down, and are absolutely comfortable.

I really wish I was a morning person. I dream about being a morning person, except I'm literally only doing the dreaming part. As a little girl I remember spending the night at friend's house who lived on a farm. Her dad and mom would wake up really early and breakfast was ready to go when we awoke from our slumber. It was reminiscent of 'Little House on the Prairie,' because I envisioned myself being like "ma" when I had kids. My mom was quite opposite of this morning person. She was and has always been a night owl (and I do believe I inherited this gene on my DNA strands). There weren't too many times where we had that warm meal to wake up to; rather, my mom was a bit more sluggish.

Although my mom is great and I mean her no disrespect, but I really like the idea of Ma in Little House, or the Proverbs 31 wife & mother who awakes while her family is still asleep making the home cozy. However, no matter how much I long to become this ideal, I can't escape that DNA.
I guess I'll have to do with the house being quiet in the evening, but enjoying it without my Americano.

Although I'm not your typical bright-eyed and bushy tail morning squirrel, there are certain I can't live without. Before having children I would skip breakfast on occasion. I see the error in my ways as I cannot function on an empty stomach. It goes like this...get Veronica her cool milk, have Cadence in her playmobile thingamagigger (or sit on the floor), make Veronica breakfast while making myself a double short americano (there is nothing more ethereal), make Cadence some breakfast and myself, then do some breakfast duty for Veronica and finally sit to enjoy some food. I also try really hard to make sure I make nutritious meals for our family. I believe food is to be enjoyed, to be used to nourish and replenish, and to be thankful for it.

One of my favorite breakfast meals is Oatmeal, which is funny because I hated oatmeal or anything that appeared to have that slop type of texture as a kid through adolescense. I decided in college that I would give it another chance and that I was going to like it. And I did & boy am I glad.

Quick Oatmeal Concoction:

Boiling water (I use the tea kettle)
1/2 cup quick oats or rolled oats (whatever you prefer)
one bowl
one salad plate
1/4 cup frozen blueberries (I must say the wild blueberries from Trader Joes are much better for this meal than big ones)
1/2 of sliced banana
1 teaspoon to tablespoon brown sugar (optional)
Other optionals: sprinkle of non-sweetened coconut, chopped nuts, cinnamon

Place 1/2 cup oatmeal in bowl. Once water comes to a boil and starts steaming, pour desired amount on oatmeal (typically its about 1/4 cup more water than oatmeal) & place plate on top of bowl. Get the frozen blueberries out of freezer and put them right into your hot oatmeal and put plate back on top (this is perfect for kids as they don't like hot food--typically). Add your sliced bananas (another great thing is you can have your child cut bananas with butter knife and include them in the process). Add your optionals and eat it up. It goes especially well with a cup of coffee or an americano.

Life is a whirlwind as a stay at home mom. If my life were in pictures it would look something like this...

...a scattered assortment of food to eat and prepare for my family. It's a tight space, but comfortable & modest.

...our shoe & coat closet, it's messy & untidy most of the time, but at least they're all in the same spot and easy to be found.

...trail of laundry like the song that never ends.

...laundry detergent to clean all the stains of life and my trusty Borax that no mother should be without. Plus, it makes GAK.

...need I say anything?

...if I were one kitchen appliance, this is what I would be. catch my shots of espresso. cup is half full (I also drink a glass upon waking every morning).

...Peanut butter sandwiches & toast don't taste as good without my homemade jam (see homemade like Ma).

...the perfect add on to a salad with sliced apples, goat cheese, & leafy greens, or simply to eat by itself.

...sunshine, swings and a two little girls I absolutely adore.


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Great post. I mean, really great how you keep it real! Bravo. Can't wait to try that oatmeal concoction. Miss you...

Adrienne said...

you're specialllllllll.

Amber said...

I don't believe that baby is old enough to drive. Is that safe?

The Leftoverist said...

LOVE that picture of the shoe closet.

just4ann said...

I didn't realize I was such a late riser. But as I reflect back and compare to now I see that I was a bit of a night owl as you will see by the time of this posting. I am going to bed now.

KAMILLE said...

Amber--in this family we start young with driver's ed. Don't worry, we don't start manual until at least 3 years of age.

Mom, yes you are a night owl, because when you made a comment I was already up for the morning nursing Cadence.