Sunday, June 28, 2009

An Important Update

I've been pinning this whole private or public blog thing lately. I changed our blog to invitation only a couple months back, but returned it to public. The reason for changing it to invitation only is that we did not want just anyone reading about our girls, which could lead to some scary stalker (seriously, no joking here). The only way around it would be to change all the girl's names in posts to a nickname so they would be anonymous; however, we say their names in videos (we can't change that part).

The only con about changing the blog to private is if we are listed as a frequent blog you read in your sidebar, it doesn't update saying we've added a new post.

So all that to say...

1. We will be changing our blog to private on July 4th, so that means you have to be invited to read. If you would like to read it, than send me a message on this post to add your email to our list.

2. If you have our blog on your blog reader list, then please continue to check our blog even if it shows that we haven't updated it in two weeks (or two months).

3. We will also be changing this blog to just family stuff, no more recipes, or anything that doesn't pertain to family life.

4. However, I am starting a blog dedicated to my cooking & baking & thoughts on life at:
If you would like to check it out, I'd love that. I still have, but that is merely recipes that I most likely won't update as much. I suggest the evangitality one.

That's it for now, but I will post something new soon about what has been happening around this ole' household. Actually, here's a quick one:

When going to Sunday School, Veronica would fall on the floor crying & saying, "NO MAMA, NO DADDY, DON'T GO!!!!" This would happen repeatedly every Sunday, until recently. Veronica was in her class, while Ben and I were upstairs listening to the sermon. It dawned on me that she didn't go potty before we left the house and she might have an accident downstairs. I leaned over to Ben and asked if he would go downstairs to take her to the potty. He did, then returned back later on and gave me the following report.

Ben: "When I went into the classroom and Veronica saw me she said,"
Veronica: "No Daddy, Stay coloring, Daddy Go, Caca stay!"
It's official, she likes Sunday School and even remembers what they taught in the class.


just4ann said...

I do enjoy reading your blogs and the updates about my girls. So please include me on the invite. or either one is fine.

Talia said...

Ooooo! Invite me. Invite Me.!

Kim said...

I love reading about your adorable girls. Can I be included on the invite?