Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Friends

Veronica is really starting to take interest in her friends. She has her playgroup friends and then her other two main friends she sees outside of playgroup. On Wednesday night I tell her we're going to playgroup the next day, where we name off all of our friends we're looking forward to seeing. An interesting aspect of playgroup is that the boys outnumber the girls, which makes for interesting moments when the two older girls are a bit taken back by the loud play of the older boys.

After leaving playgroup last week, Veronica started saying, "bye bye A (insert her friend's name & her one of her main friends), bye bye A! (Long Pause) Oh...I love her so much."

We went to the park with our other good friends, which their son is Veronica's other main friend. They really enjoyed seeing one another and even walked down to the water together. I think the pictures say it all.

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Adrienne said...

sooo cute. that looks like a great place to go in the summer. i would love green grass like that. sigh*
can't wait for july!