Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Hairdo's

Last night I gave C a bath, which made her hair nice and shiny. Come today as she was in the Ergo carrier with daddy, her hair remained shiny, but it also became a bit sticky. Why? Well, as daddy was enjoying his chocolate chip cookie a bit fell on her head. The best part is that she had it on her head for a while, since daddy didn't realize it was sitting there, or should I say..melting there. By the time I came up and noticed it in her hair, the chocolate chip part had melted and I couldn't get it all out. Round two of bath time...

The other major hairdo is daddy. In fact, his is the biggest of major ones in the house. He came downstairs and I look up at his smiley face, without a beard. He has had his beard for 4 1/2 years now and he definitely looks younger without his beard. V didn't think anything of it when she first saw him. Later on she felt daddy's face and exclaimed, "SMOOTH!"

Last week at church I noticed a little girl in V's Sunday School class with two french braids in her hair, which got me thinking that V could probably have french braids in her hair. I attempted to french braid and was successful. She looked super cute of course. She also looked like a big girl. We're walking back to the car from the parade and I unfortunately forgot to pull out the camera until we were walking back to the car.

Ski-to-Sea events: We went to Fairhaven to enjoy some weekend festivities. It was a real fun time with the girls. They even had a nursing mothers booth there (so Bellingham right!, but great). V & I shared a cupcake, which she of course loved. The only problem with two year olds is they love to touch everything. Look down at the picture below and see the chair next to table of cupcakes. Well, V climbed up on the chair and started to reach for the cupcakes on the trays. Needless to say, mommy's toddler reflexes are very sharp and more quick than her reflexes to date.

We quickly left after eating our cupcake, because a 2 year old who will remain nameless started walking back to the cupcake tray and almost grabbed a few more. She almost managed to grab a slice of someone else's pizza...that little monkey.


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Two adorable girls ya' got there, K. Just preshy. My Ben has an idea for a carrier/sling/Bjorn umbrella to keep crumbs, ketchup, beer, etc from dripping on little ones' heads (and messing up their do's).

KAMILLE said...

Emily that sounds like a patent if I ever heard one and successful.

Adrienne said...

this is hilarious! poor little cadence. and tell ben i like the shave! it looks great!

Jenny said...

I've missed your blog but am glad to be catching up now. Braids? SUPER cute. Leggings? Ditto. Saltwater sandals? Ditto again. Cadence is so big! They're both so big, actually. And that Mother's Day book is maybe the sweetest book I've ever seen! Glad to see you're all doing well. Oh, and I love the grampa shot w/Veronica. And I really like 30 Rock and did, in fact, watch the episode you were referring to. Also, you and Ben appear to be shrinking. Loved catching up!