Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guadalupe's Coffee

Cadence & I went to Bellingham's Farmer Market on Saturday, because one I was in search of vegetables and two, I love going. I took Cadence as Ben had Veronica with him, and Ben doesn't really enjoy going to the Market (it's kind of like taking him clothes shopping).

As I was in search of some fresh veggies and starter plants to put in pots I came across this vendor who was selling coffee. I chatted it up as she inquired about Cadence and how she loved carrying her baby in a Moby when she was a newborn (I had a sleeping Cadence in the Moby). I thought I would take a sample of her 'Day of the Dead' espresso roast that she brewed into coffee instead. It was pretty good. After talking about the espresso roast, how she roasts her own coffee beans locally, and how there is a nice crema pulled from the shot...I thought, "I'm sold," and I bought a pound. It was $10.99, which is comparable to supermarket prices or places like Starbucks. Plus, I would be supported this stay at home mom and her business.

I'm pleased to report that she was right about the crema. She failed to mention how the beans smelled wonderfully when freshly ground. Plus, it makes a delightfully creamy americano. So if you're wanting a good espresso roast and you're in Bellingham on a Saturday, stop by her booth.


Derrick Scheid said...

Was her name Nina? I know someone named Nina who lives in town and she and her family get their coffee beans from Guatemala where her husband's family is from. They roast the beans and the whole works.


KAMILLE said...

Biz I don't think it is Nina.

Adrienne said...

mmmmm me want coffee!