Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cherry Point

I have been mindful of how long it has been since adding another post, or more like how long I put in between posts. Having two little ones, keeping the house maintained (or trying), and living life makes it a bit hard to keep this portion of our family affairs up to date. We have had a lot of things going on and I hope to capture a couple of our favorites so I can have them in our blog memory bank.

Last weekend we went to Cherry Point Beach. It was more like a stone beach, but beach nonetheless according to the book Ben owns. V absolutely loved it, because she has this infatuation with gravel anything. If we're walking down our street she will always stop at the house with the gravel driveway. When we went to the Garden/Nursery, she didn't want to leave because they have gravel. I'm tempted to buy gravel and dump it in her room, but then she'd never want to leave.

This beach was her Paradise Lost. Although there was her second love, Water, she couldn't care less with so many rocks to explore.
We continued to ask her if she wanted to go to the water, but she consistently replied with, "No, Stay! Stay with rocks by the Hole." Ya see, there was this really big rock with a hole drilled through the rock. This led to 30 full minutes to V taking little rocks and tossing them in the hole of the big rock.

Too bad the rock was too big to put in our van.

We eventually were able to lure her to the water, which sparked a new interest...that second love I was previously talking about...Water. She found a little puddle of water, which she proceeded to stomp her feet and splash her hands in.

One thing I really enjoyed about our outing is how much more fun these outings are when you have a child to bring along. I know if it were just Ben and me going here before we had kids it wouldn't have been nearly as fun, maybe more time to talk, but not as much fun. There are those moments when it would be nice to not have to think about parenting stuff and just go out for the evening with Ben. However, there are moment like this little outing that make me so grateful we have our girls to make life more exciting and fruitful overall.

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