Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Friends

Veronica is really starting to take interest in her friends. She has her playgroup friends and then her other two main friends she sees outside of playgroup. On Wednesday night I tell her we're going to playgroup the next day, where we name off all of our friends we're looking forward to seeing. An interesting aspect of playgroup is that the boys outnumber the girls, which makes for interesting moments when the two older girls are a bit taken back by the loud play of the older boys.

After leaving playgroup last week, Veronica started saying, "bye bye A (insert her friend's name & her one of her main friends), bye bye A! (Long Pause) Oh...I love her so much."

We went to the park with our other good friends, which their son is Veronica's other main friend. They really enjoyed seeing one another and even walked down to the water together. I think the pictures say it all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Hairdo's

Last night I gave C a bath, which made her hair nice and shiny. Come today as she was in the Ergo carrier with daddy, her hair remained shiny, but it also became a bit sticky. Why? Well, as daddy was enjoying his chocolate chip cookie a bit fell on her head. The best part is that she had it on her head for a while, since daddy didn't realize it was sitting there, or should I say..melting there. By the time I came up and noticed it in her hair, the chocolate chip part had melted and I couldn't get it all out. Round two of bath time...

The other major hairdo is daddy. In fact, his is the biggest of major ones in the house. He came downstairs and I look up at his smiley face, without a beard. He has had his beard for 4 1/2 years now and he definitely looks younger without his beard. V didn't think anything of it when she first saw him. Later on she felt daddy's face and exclaimed, "SMOOTH!"

Last week at church I noticed a little girl in V's Sunday School class with two french braids in her hair, which got me thinking that V could probably have french braids in her hair. I attempted to french braid and was successful. She looked super cute of course. She also looked like a big girl. We're walking back to the car from the parade and I unfortunately forgot to pull out the camera until we were walking back to the car.

Ski-to-Sea events: We went to Fairhaven to enjoy some weekend festivities. It was a real fun time with the girls. They even had a nursing mothers booth there (so Bellingham right!, but great). V & I shared a cupcake, which she of course loved. The only problem with two year olds is they love to touch everything. Look down at the picture below and see the chair next to table of cupcakes. Well, V climbed up on the chair and started to reach for the cupcakes on the trays. Needless to say, mommy's toddler reflexes are very sharp and more quick than her reflexes to date.

We quickly left after eating our cupcake, because a 2 year old who will remain nameless started walking back to the cupcake tray and almost grabbed a few more. She almost managed to grab a slice of someone else's pizza...that little monkey.

Cherry Point

I have been mindful of how long it has been since adding another post, or more like how long I put in between posts. Having two little ones, keeping the house maintained (or trying), and living life makes it a bit hard to keep this portion of our family affairs up to date. We have had a lot of things going on and I hope to capture a couple of our favorites so I can have them in our blog memory bank.

Last weekend we went to Cherry Point Beach. It was more like a stone beach, but beach nonetheless according to the book Ben owns. V absolutely loved it, because she has this infatuation with gravel anything. If we're walking down our street she will always stop at the house with the gravel driveway. When we went to the Garden/Nursery, she didn't want to leave because they have gravel. I'm tempted to buy gravel and dump it in her room, but then she'd never want to leave.

This beach was her Paradise Lost. Although there was her second love, Water, she couldn't care less with so many rocks to explore.
We continued to ask her if she wanted to go to the water, but she consistently replied with, "No, Stay! Stay with rocks by the Hole." Ya see, there was this really big rock with a hole drilled through the rock. This led to 30 full minutes to V taking little rocks and tossing them in the hole of the big rock.

Too bad the rock was too big to put in our van.

We eventually were able to lure her to the water, which sparked a new interest...that second love I was previously talking about...Water. She found a little puddle of water, which she proceeded to stomp her feet and splash her hands in.

One thing I really enjoyed about our outing is how much more fun these outings are when you have a child to bring along. I know if it were just Ben and me going here before we had kids it wouldn't have been nearly as fun, maybe more time to talk, but not as much fun. There are those moments when it would be nice to not have to think about parenting stuff and just go out for the evening with Ben. However, there are moment like this little outing that make me so grateful we have our girls to make life more exciting and fruitful overall.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day Gift

I had a delightful Mother's Day weekend. Ben took me and the girls to the Farmer's Market, since I love that sort of thing. We had a low key rest of the day, but super needed. Sunday we went to church service and then lunch and Ben took care of so many of the girl responsibilities. What a guy. My present wasn't here yet, so I got it on Tuesday and it was wonderful.

I received this book of the girls, where Ben had put various photos of their life, phrases and stories from my blog. Here are some glimpses of it.

And here's our little 6 month old as of today. She is such a joy to have as a daughter. This is taken right after her bath. Her hair has grown at least 2 inches since birth and she gets these little treads in the back of her head (making it hard to brush it out). She is learning to sit up and I think she'll get it pretty soon. She is sleeping through the night as well (7:15ish to 5:30). She absolutely adores her sister. I think she might be getting a bit of stranger danger. She likes the solids that we've given to her so far. She still wakes up with a smile on her face and babbles on and on. Although I love that she isn't a crank pants when she wakes up, I'm not a morning person.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our San Diego Vacation

We spent a week in San Diego for vacation. I'm a firm believer that the only way to vacation with young children is bring back up (a.k.a. grandparents). We asked Ben's folks to join us since they had free flying miles and Grandma had never been to California and neither to San Diego. They jumped at the opportunity and it made vacation very relaxing. Ben and I even had opportunities to go and do stuff without the girls.

We arrived on a Thursday and left the following Thursday. G&G met us at the airport with the rental car ready to load the house that we brought (that's what it feels like when you travel with young children). Our destination spots for vacation: anything that meant RELAXATION, which the beach is a good place to start. So we would typically go to a beach in the morning, go back for naps, and then swim or relax the rest of the afternoon. No obligations!

Day One (Friday): We voyaged to Mission Beach. This is right next to Seaworld (we didn't go since it is $65 for each adult) and a roller coaster. Veronica picked out her outfit for the day, along with her backpack that she was thoroughly proud of as she walked everywhere. She loved the warm sand between her toes, but most of all was the smoothie Grandpa bought her.

Later that afternoon Ben took Veronica to the swimming pool, because she kept talking about wanting to go swimming. Unfortunately, she didn't really care for it and wanted out.

Veronica stayed on the sidelines with Grandma and blankie.

She was feeling a bit courageous and walked over with Grandma and BaaBaa (her trusty companion) to go in the hot tub with daddy.

Veronica discusses her options with Grandma & BaaBaa...

The concensus: leave with Grandma & BaaBaa (sorry daddy).

Veronica decided that BaaBaa could manage on his own when mama came to the pool. She continued to be cautious about this whole swimming expedition.

She decided to take the plunge and what you know, "by golly she liked it!"

Cadence also had a turn in the pool, but it was short lived...

...the warmth of Grandma was better.

Later that night while the girls were asleep with G&G, we went to the Padres game with my best childhood friend (childhood is so ambiguous--basically been friends forever) Veronica & her husband Alan (a high school friend). Her work has season tickets, so we sat 12 rows behind home base. It was great, plus I got to eat a BBQ pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw.

Day 2 (Saturday): My dad flew over from Phoenix for the weekend to see the girls. We went to Coronado Island for the morning. It was a gorgeous sunny day. Here's my dad discussing the Polish War with Cadence.

Grandpa Soto and his granddaughters. Can you tell Veronica is saying "cheese?"

A trip to the beach is incomplete without a faithful friend.

Veronica with her two Grandpa's.

Day 3 (Sunday): I LOVE Farmer's Markets and luckily for me we were able to go to one Sunday morning. It was a bright cheery day and perfect weather for a Farmer's Market. Veronica took a bath and I put her hair in two ponytails before we left. There was another thing she was able to do before we left. Look at the picture below and guess what she's doing (the blank stare gives it away).

If you haven't guessed, this one with her belly hanging out might give it away. Grandpa Scellick found a Strawberry Shortcake DVD for under $5 at the store and she's learning about proper manners. She's enthralled!

Cadence is in awe of Veronica's manners as well.

Farmer's Market in Hillcrest. Here's little Cadence before she went nap nap in the ergo.

There were so many yummy things at the market, especially authentic Mexican food that I can't find in Bellingham. Oh how I miss really good Mexican food. We had tamales, carne asada tacos, even Maple Bacon Cookies from 410 Degrees Cookies.

Day 4 (Monday): We went to La Jolla. Unfortunately, we forgot the camera that day. If you're in the area you should come here as they have seals on the beach. They're protected so you can't get too close. Also, you need to go Brockton Villa and order the Coast Toast. You won't regret it, even if you're craving eggs, don't...I repeat DON'T! Ben who is NOT a french toast eater didn't order it and had some of mine and regretted ordering his normally beloved omlette.

Day 5 (Tuesday): We were going to go to Old Town this morning, but when we got there it was pretty obvious that no one really wanted to stay there, except me, so we went to the beach. However, when I asked Veronica what she wanted to do, 1. go to the beach or 2. go to the park. She said she wanted to go to the park. She later said, "go to the park, see Adri?" (Adri is her friend who was obviously home in Bellingham). We went to the beach instead. Back to good ole' Mission Beach and had a great time.

Veronica enjoyed being able to walk around and around on the sand...
...or lay in it or roll in it...

...or climb on mama in the sand, too.

We later rode the carousel, which she was a bit aprehensive about in the beginning. I realized the ride was hypnotizing her and lulling her to sleep.

After her restful nap (which those beaches really took it out of her and she took the best naps while on vacation, like 3 hour naps), she needed to chill with Grandpa's hat.

Day 6 (Wednesday): We decided to go to Del Mar beach, except do it in the afternoon. Veronica was getting a bit restless in the morning, so Grandma & Grandpa took her downstairs to ride on the elevator. She loved, no LOVED, pressing the buttons for the elevator. In fact, Ben would say, "There's a button that needs to be pressed. We need someone to press the button. Are there any little girls that we could get to press the button?" Veronica of course would eagerly run down the hall to the elevator, or to get out of the van to get to the elevator. She was so good about only pressing the one that she was suppose to press.

G&G took here to the game room and we all wondered why we hadn't taken her here long before Day 6. Grandpa said to Grandma, "Oh I don't have any change for her." The thing is (as Grandma said) two year olds don't need coins to play the motorcycle or car games, because they think they're actually playing even though the screen is flashing, "Game Over, Insert Coins."

Here we are at Del Mar and here is three generations of Scellicks on the fine shores of California.

Veronica wasn't too interested at first to get wet in the water, but Grandma got her to come.

We had to change her, because her dress was soaking wet. Plus, you need to have your belly exposed as a two year old.

Family Portrait (sorry Cadence but you were happily asleep).

Veronica was completely soaked, but she had a great time in the water. We all had a good time and Veronica could be the new picture on the Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen bottle.