Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter Weekend

This year for Easter we didn't go to the usual Easter brunch place in the 'Burg, because they have consistently gotten worse over the years. I decided I would make all the food for our brunch. It turned out really well. Here's one of my favorite parts...carrot cake! Although the food was wonderful, it was only a slice of the weekend.

Going to Grandma & Grandpa's house always includes tons of fun. For instance, she gets to watch Strawberry Shortcake on the way over in the van DVD (only time I let her use that thing), she gets to have certain privileges mommy doesn't give her (strawberry smoothies aka strawberry milkshakes, chocolate milk), and she partakes in Grandma's "finds."

Grandma found this playset at St. Vinnie's or Goodwill. I'm sure it looked horrible, full of dirt & grime, but Grandma has a knack for redeeming these junkyard prone items.

She decided to mow the lawn, unfortunately, she didn't get very far with her bubble blowing lawn mower. Oh and it's plastic!

Grandma also has a knack for keeping many of the children's old toys or items, which are now perfect for her grandchildren. This little desk was Ben & Amber's desk, and now Veronica can be the second generation Scellick to enjoy a meal or draw a picture at it.

Grandma & Grandpa enjoy going to their restaurant once a week. El Capporal (sp?), which is a Mexican restaurant. This makes Veronica right at home since she gets to celebrate with her people--she's of Mexican heritage (yes we celebrate on the 5th of May). She thoroughly enjoyed her burrito and dipping chips in way too hot salsa.

Luckily, Grandma or Grandpa cleaned her all up before heading out. What a pretty girl! We also celebrated Auntie Mimi & Uncle Bob getting engaged!

After a long day of playing, eating, playing, reading, playing, very little sleep, and more is time for bed. Some children are happy about bedtime & bathtime...

...while other children are not so happy about bedtime or bathtime.

We plant baby flowers and they are so much more beautiful than those flowers you find in nature.

Here's Veronica with her Auntie Mimi. Many people say Veronica looks like Ben, but those of us who know Amber understand that she looks more like her aunt.

Another baby flower, or maybe a toddler flower.

Veronica loves the 'David' books, so she received this book for Easter and of course, she had to read it right away. Please disregard my apparrel, I took a break for cooking and look like this without a shower.

On to the Easter Egg Hunt. I believe this is post hunt, but super cute.

Veronica would pick up her egg and open it up, the jellybeans fell out, and she would continue on in this vain. She finally found her first hardboiled egg (what you see below). She picked it up, examined it, and then tossed it aside.

Here's one of the coveted plastic eggs.

The booty.

Veronica can't have all the fun, so we introduce to you...SUPER CADENCE!!!

Veronica is very good about saying her goodnights and giving Grandma an eskimo kiss.

After she had gone to sleep I peeked in to see how she was doing. I went back upstairs to capture it on the camera. Not sure how she got in this position.


Amber said...

People think she looks like me? Well... Veronica and I DO have more chins than a chinese phonebook. ;) She was fun last weekend! I LOVE the eskimo kisses! (doot doot doot) and baby tay tay is the sweetest baby!!! i love that her face turns sour as soon as she's unhappy and her little lip sticks out. :)

katy robinson said...

Okay, two things:
First, the fact that V just tosses the hard boiled egg to the side just makes me laugh. "No mom. This is not what I'm supposed to find on my hunt..."

Second, the fact that she falls asleep in these positions still amazes me. I remember one picture awhile back when she was flopped under the bed. Too funny.

Cute munchkins you've got there!

Adrienne said...

okay for some reason my page wasn't showing your updates. i was wondering why you hadn't blogged in 3 weeks. but you have. did ben shave his head? i love your new photos.