Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Our almost 5 month old

We really can't believe that Cadence is already closing in on the five month mark. This second time around has really flown by compared to Veronica at this age (we as the parents have also been much more calm). Aside from thinking she is so adorable (the pictures speak for themselves), here are some tidbits about how she has us eating out of her hand...

*She lets out a major laugh when I tickle her neck.
*She lights up when mommy sings.
*She also lights up when she sees her sister.
*As she's getting drowsy laying on mama she starts babbling in that sweet baby tone.
*Whenever she wakes up she's still proving to be happy with a smile.
*Her hair makes you tempted to stroke your hands through it (just ask Veronica).
*When she giggles and turns her head with a huge smile and brings her legs up toward her chest.
*She grabs her foot to put in her mouth.
*Her sweet disposition.

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just4ann said...

I love all the pictures of my little girl, but I have a favorite. The one with the bow in her hair. What a sweet little face.