Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here's the Progression

We introduced solids with Cadence and Ben introduced a new song to Veronica. Both of these are monumental events, as any parent would note. For those of you who don't understand why the second is monumental, let me explain. As any parent knows, it is very likely to read a specific book or listen to a certain song over and over and over again.

Well, the beauty of the new song is how Ben introduced it. Actually, I would say it's more than beauty, but pure intelligence on his part. He asked Veronica if she wanted to listen to, 'The Waffle Song?' Now, one of her current obsessions is waffles, so the title is an automatic winner. The intelligence is that he renamed The Postal Service cover of "Such Great Heights," to "The Waffle Song," and now Veronica wants to listen to a song that Ben & I don't mind listening to over and over and over again.

As you watch the video below, listen to Veronica asking for "more waffle song."

After dinner and listening to The Waffle Song, she found her Bee Hat, which meant it was outside time as is no matter what the rest of her attire said.

After listening to The Waffle Song over and over and over, she is already having withdrawals.


just4ann said...

I love it. Veronica is very determined to hear her Waffle song. The NO KISS is funny

Amber said...

waffle song = genious

Adrienne said...

haha! hilarious. what the heck was veronica eating in the first video!!!

just4ann said...

Did Veronica say caca song? Yeah, and what was she eating? How funny she quickly pointed out that Cadence is a mess. Now that was funny.

Adrienne said...

willy and i were watching these videos the other night and couldn't stop laughing. "this, coo, caa, ca ca. haha.