Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love Love Love

It's late and I should be in bed, but lately it's been hard for me to fall asleep. So I thought I would write about one of my daughters and log some memories I don't want to forget.

As you well know we're still getting to know Cadence, I mean she is only 4 1/2 months old and her older sister does have 22 months on her, so naturally we know Veronica a bit better. However, my guess is Cadence will be letting us know soon that she too will be making her lasting impressions. I was looking at pictures of Veronica from her second year of life and remembering various things about what was happening at the time of the picture shoot.

Veronica is such a special girl to me. She can make me go a bit loopy at times with her crazy monkey antics, but I sure do love her. Out of my love for Veronica, it makes me understand why Jesus was so ANTI-favoritism, because it was treating someone above another person and denying them (the non favored) the right to be God's Palace Temple. I was thinking about this as my little Veronica has been in Sunday School and I wonder if the teachers are loving her with the same equal love as her peers. Do they see the specialness of this Veronica Storey as her parents do? When I think about people loving her less--it really ticks me off. Now, I have no basis for this--I was just thinking if it were so and what it does to me as a mom.

Well my Veronica Storey--she is so wonderful to me. I really have grown to love her more and feel more and more honored that she calls me mama. I've had moments where I look at her and think, "this isn't going to last forever, she's not going to call out for me to help her and not think I'm the most wonderful person in the world (next to daddy of course)." As I've been given these glimpses, it makes me value the time I have in the here and now.

I love her for who she is. She has the most beautiful, dark chocolate brown eyes with naturally curly eyelashes. I think it's amazing how she was born with a dermoid (a growth in her left eye), which would be considered ugly and not beautiful, but in spite of that, God has given her these gorgeous eyes.
I love her Mexican-Indian nose.
I love that she has the same shape eyebrows as me.
I love that she loves to wear her doggy pajamas.

I love that when she hears the sound of the blender she automatically says, "smoowie!"
I love that when you ask her what she wants to eat she automatically says, "pizza--waffles?"
I love that she loves to read, and better yet that she has favorite parts in her books and wants to bypass pages that mean nothing to her.
I love her persistence even when it can be tiring.
I love her strong-will because it means that God can use it to his glory as we tell her it's good to be strong in this when yielded to the Lord.
I love that she loves being naked and will walk, stop, do a half squat and say, "snoozene" as if she farted (manners are important).
I love that she makes me laugh.

I love that she loves music and dance to it.
I love that she is eager to pray each night to bless her family & friends (some people get extra blessings because she likes the way their name sounds or even a fictious character named Boots).
I love how she gently runs her hands through Cadence's hair or mine as a sign of affection.
I love that she wants me to sing to her.
I love how she's very observant and keeps track of what's going on.
I love that she's imaginative.
I love that she wants to help out in the kitchen.

I love that she is social and is sensitive.
I love that she has emotions (and isn't afraid to show them).
I love her sense of style.

I love that she cares for Cadence by saying, "it's okay baby tadence," or rocks Cadence while in her carseat.
I love that she's not a picky eater.
I love that she's not mean spirited.
I love that she'll still let me hold her and kiss her.


Jenny said...

I love reading about how you love your girls; it makes me smile. Personal favorite picture has to be the finger-up-the-nose.

Amber said...

i love that little monkey too. :) i can't wait until cadence is a crazy lil monkey too.

just4ann said...

As I read this blog I thought of all my children and the things you all did that separated you from each other but the things that you did that were similar. I love each one of you and I cannot ever say that I love anyone of you more than the other.
I miss those days when you all were going up and becoming your own person. Each of you kept me real. I am thankful that the Lord blessed me with 3 wonderful people that I can honestly say that I love with all of my heart, am so very proud of, and admire. Through all the things that you all have gone through I can say that you all are not only wonderful adults but you are all truly amazing children. The Lord blessed me with 3 wonderful and beautiful gifts. Their names are Willy, Kamille and Andrew. Who could ask for anything more in life, but to be blessed the way I have.