Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life of late

Life has been very busy for us lately. You might be thinking, "well of course it has being the parents of two little ones," but it's not just that. When I talk with Ben about the upcoming week, it's not uncommon for two to three nights being taken due to his work or a joint engagement.

Ben is still serving on the board in our church community. Luckily, it only takes away one night out of the month. However, on the work side, he has at least one seminar a week. We also are sitting in on a pre-engagement class one night a week. With Ben's seminars, I don't necessarily like him being gone; but, I've decided to look at the positive side (he has a steady job and seminars mean he keeps the steady job).

The pre-engagement class is exactly what the title says, "it's for the Pre-engaged couple." We are observing/shadowing the class, in order to lead the class by ourselves in the future. It is a 10 week course with three couples. They have homework for each session, which they bring to the weekly group class. It covers a myriad of topics that any person would encounter in marriage. Ben and I took the course nine years ago and we really benefited from it.

With all of those busy weeknights, we've been trying to keep less busy on our weekends and try to relax. To keep with that spirit, here are some fun pictures of the girls in all their sweetness. Oh yeah--and Cadence is 4 months old today, time sure flies by.

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Paige said...

Wow, you guys seem very busy!

Those are ADORABLE pictures of the girls. And, as usual, I love Cadence's hair.