Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evolution of punk rock

Would you believe that people have actually asked me (in a serious inquiry sort of tone) if I spike my infant's hair? They do and I politely say, "No--it's naturally punk rock!" I love having two girls with very crazy hair. Before Cadence was born I would stare in amazement at Veronica's hair and think if it could get any more out of control. Then, along came a Cadence girl with her own style.

It's pretty amazing how her hair has noticeably gotten longer over 4 months. Here is her from her first week to about a week ago. She's a cutie that we thoroughly enjoy. A side note is to see how different our girls are to date.

  1. Both have crazy hair, but one is curly and the other straight.
  2. Tay Tay wakes up with a smile ALWAYS while Veronica isn't as predictable.
  3. Tay Tay is more like daddy in #2 while Veronica is more like mommy in #2.
  4. Veronica is a bit more spontaneous like mama while Cadence likes a bit more predictability like dada.
Those are some of our insights thus far.


Ben and Emily Wells said...

Naturally punk-rock... love your wit and love,love,love her hair! I'm looking forward to seeing where it will go from here. Miss y'all.

Jake and Talia said...

Love the picture where she's recovered successfully Bumboing.
So cute.

a.a. said...

She's sitting up in her bumbo!!!! what a sweetheart!!!! she LOVES that hand, eh? maybe a thumb-sucker on our hands? :)