Monday, March 2, 2009

Baby Dedication

We had Cadence dedicated on Sunday with our church family. Grandma & Grandpa Scellick came from Ellensburg and Auntie Mimi came from Seattle. It was very low key on our part compared to Veronica's dedication. I guess that's what happens once you enlarge the family circle. Veronica was able to come up on the platform with us and she was very well behaved. As I held our baby Cadence, she carried her baby doll and did some gentle "pat pats" on her.

Cadence & mommy before the dedication

A tired baby girl, but her hair is always stylish (and no we don't use gel).

Getting ready to leave the restaurant & go home for nappy time.

On baby dedication Sunday all the children typically go up to sing a song, so Auntie Mimi took Veronica up to sing 'Do Lord.' She enjoyed the clapping part.

The bow only kept part of her punk rock hair down.

At the restaurant, Veronica was such a sweet girl the whole morning.

If you've never been to a Hillcrest baby dedication the dedicating pastor writes a prayer for the baby, which we receive on paper for our own records. The baby is anointed with oil and the pastor reads the prayer, and then the whole congregation sings the song of blessing (Aaron's prayer). I memorized Veronica's prayer and so did Ben, and we say her prayer over her every night before bed. Now we need to start memorizing another prayer. Below is her prayer.

Prayer: So we anoint Cadence "" "" in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and pray the Lord's blessing on her life. We pray that she will quickly recognize the rhythm of the kingdom life you offer and will step right in time with you, oh Lord. We pray that you would bless her with coordination and ability to keep things flowing easily, that organization and pattern would be words that bring her pleasure and are gifts she can share with others. May the way she orders her life bring you praise.
We pray also that she would be a woman of noble character; one full of truth, kindness, generosity, peace, and even songs that speak of the truth of your love and care for us. Help her be beautiful inside and excellent spokeswoman of your ways, Lord. May she have a heart for those who have not yet heard of your truth and may she be a faithful witness to the same. Protect her from the enemy. May she quickly discern truth and may she be a faithful witness to the same. Protect her from the enemy. May she quickly discern truth from lies and stand boldly for righteousness. May she be one who speaks easily to others and always shares edifying words of encouragement. And help her be one who always makes you look good we pray.

My verse for our daughter is Isaiah 52:7


just4ann said...

Veronica did a very good job during the dedications and I have to say I love Cadence's know, some people pay alot of money to get their hair to do that...just think how much of a saving you have with it being natural.

Jenny said...

The hair is amazing. And you look beautiful in that picture w/Cadence! I love this post b/c it brings back sweet memories of baby dedications w/pastor Bob and the song they sing (or used to). I think memorizing their prayers and praying over them every night is such a wonderful gift to give them. That must've required some serious Sunday School verse drilling but well worth it.