Monday, March 23, 2009

Always time for Firsts

One of Veronica's more recent obsessions is buses. Actually, her fascination began around the time of Cadence's birth. Ben has talked about going on a bus ride with her for a while and this past Saturday it came to fruition. Ben woke up to get Veronica, while letting me sleep in with Cadence. He told me that he thought it would be a fun idea to take Veronica on a bus ride, which I thought it was a perfect idea.

Upon getting on the bus and finding a seat, Ben thought he heard Veronica make a request of the bus driver. Ya see, every time she gets in the car she'll ask for more songs...which is what she asked of the bus driver.

They got to the main station and Veronica was a bit sad, because she had to get off of the bus. She kept saying, "More Bus!"

She quickly got over the bus ride when daddy took her to one of our favorite spots for hot chocolate, Avellino's. **sidenote: if you've never had hot chocolate here you truly must go, because they use bittersweet & white chocolate and put it in the milk, then steam.** She has never had hot chocolate before, but she soon understood the goodness that the Aztecs beheld. She quickly changed her mind and decided that she didn't want to go back to the bus, but stay and drink more hot chocolate.

After finishing her treat, they made their way back to the station where she anxiously waited for her ride home.

She wants to make sure she had the prime spot on the bus. I'm sure someone was sitting in this seat, but they saw a cute girl in a bee hat who must sit here instead. She has quite the appeal.

No bus ride would be complete without the complimentary map, which she was very proud of when she came home.

To make the trip complete, daddy & little stopped by the creek to throw a couple pinecones in for good measure.

I would say the trip was a success all in all. Who knew that for a $1.25 you could get so much joy in life.


Paige said...

What a cute idea and good daddy! I'm sure Veronica was sitting in the clouds with her daddy adoring only her for a little while and taking her exploring on the things she loves most.

Ben and Emily Wells said...

why do all of your posts give me goosebumps? i love it!

just4ann said...

What a special bonding moment for Daddy and daughter.