Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yummy lunches!

As a mom of two it can be hard to serve healthy and yummy lunches. I find that breakfast and dinner are much more easy to come up with ideas to serve my family a well-balanced meal. I wanted to get feedback from you as to what you serve your kids for lunch, maybe this could be an exchange of meals.

Ham, Cheese, & Apple Melt

I used a whole wheat pita bread (you could use another soft bread) and toasted it in the panini to warm it up. Then added a layer of ham, thinly sliced apples, and sliced mozzarella cheese. Put it in the panini grill and toasted it until the cheese is melted and grill marks appear on the bread.
If you have a panini grill this is great, but a pan is just as good. Veronica loves it and so do I. The salty sweet combination of the apple & ham is just right. Plus, you don't need to add any condiments, because the juices from the apple & ham meld it all together.

If you don't have a panini grill just make it like you would a grilled cheese sandwich on the stovetop. If you have a cast iron pan use that and then you don't need to use any butter.


Sarah Pell said...

I have a hard time with this as well. This apple ham cheese idea is a great one. We do grilled cheese and quesadillas a lot or even cheese and crackers. Emma is VERY picky. Breakfast is our only real winner. Any ideas for dinner? I would love any things to try.

Derrick Scheid said...

Peanut Butter is our new friend....PB. in a sandwich, or PB with pretzels to dip with, or PB with banana, or with apples or crackers. Meat is our difficult category, Adri is picky about her meat, and even then it's hit or miss whether she'll even touch it. She's likes deli meat the most though, just plain by itself, not mixed in anything. She also likes moist chicken with BBQ sauce to dip it. Butter is also our friend, she'll eat more of something and is more likely to try something if it has butter on it. I also like to blend a fruit smoothie for breakfast, then make popsicles of the remainder for afternoon snacks or part of lunch.

Anonymous said...

When mom is gone I like to just give my daughter Veronica a stick of butter rolled in sugar. Everyone is happy!

Paige said...

Your idea sounds very yummy. Unfortunately, it appears I have a vegetarian! Pear won't eat meat for anything. I can trick her into eating chicken...if it is ground and then mixed into mashed potatoes.

My favorite fall back for lunch is a kale smoothie (berries, whole milk yogurt, banana and a big handful of raw kale,) with cheese and crackers to pair with it. Of course, Pears favorite is macaroni and cheese. I buy Annie's and she loves it!