Thursday, February 5, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things...

Veronica Storey
When I think about Veronica I can't stop but be in amazement at how many things she enjoys in life. Her personality is very vibrant, playful, dramatic, observant and thoughtful at the same time. She can lack attention for certain areas in her life, while having intense focus that lasts well beyond what two year old's are expected to exert. As a tribute to my lovely daughter, here are some of her favorite things to date.

1. Being a helper & protector: She is very concerned over her sister's being. When baby is crying in her carseat before leaving the house she will go and rock her saying, "rock a baby, rock rock a baby. Its otay Tadeenz!"
This is part of #1, as she loves to help with whatever mommy is doing. She sees us sweeping and shouts out, "Sweep sweep!" The other day she swept while I was at the table, then left to the kitchen. She returned, but she was now underneath the table. I looked over to see what she was doing to find that she had gotten the dustpan and proceeded to place the crumbs by hand into the dustpan. So sweet!

#2: Her sister & her sister's glider: Veronica absolutely loves her sister's glider because it lights up and has songs. The other day she was VERY concerned shouting, "OH NO, OH NO! More Songs, More Songs--soxs soxs!" The songs had stopped and baby had lost her sockies off her feet. She wants to make sure her sister is taken care of by ensuring that her sockies stay on.

3. Paint, Paint, & more Paint: She loves to paint. In fact, if we let her paint everyday she would be a happy camper. However, there are times when Ben and I think what she really likes about the painting experience is when we squeeze it out of the tube. Maybe that's why she likes ketchup so much?

4. Eating like a big girl: This morning Veronica wanted to drink her milk out of her big girl cup. So I poured in a bit and she walked over to the table (her table) to drink it. Then, when I showed her breakfast, she put her hands out as to say, "I can take it from her mom!" She proceeded to her table and climbed in her chair to eat breakfast.

5. Books & her daddy: She has a rotating favorite's list of books, but one things for sure...she LOVES books. Her attention span is very focused when it comes to reading books. The book daddy is reading was written in the 50s and she had me read and reread it for 15-20 minutes. She loves her daddy without a doubt and I think he's a fantastic daddy for a little girl to have.

6: Cadence: She loves her sister. She pats her gently, sings songs to her, rocks her, puts her blanket on her, and reads her books.

7. Kitchen & Pizza: She thinks kitchen sets are very interesting, but we don't have one. Here she is playing with one at a friend's house. She is also really into pizza lately. In fact, on the way to the friend's house she suddenly bursts out saying with glee, "Piz-ZA, Piz-ZA!" It's quite cute to hear her put the emphasis on the last syllable.

8. Walks & Pockets: She enjoys going on walks. Here we are enjoying a nice sunny day in the winter. While going on walks she points out her pockets and puts her hands in them. After doing so, her face lights up and chest becomes a bit more proud as she walks with her hands in her pockets.

9. My personal favorite is when she says, "OTAY!" For instance, she asked for more strawberries and I said, "oh do you want more strawberries?" "OhTay!" but she says it more like I was the one suggesting it and her responding with, "that sounds like a great idea mama!"


Adrienne said...

you are a superb mother kamille. i love to read how you see your little girls. it's very sweet.

Paige said...

Very sweet. Veronica has good taste for favorite things. I can picture her saying "OhTay!" Very cute.