Thursday, February 26, 2009


Before I had Veronica, I worked with children at Hillcrest Kids (for over five years). Before that I worked as a camp counselor and worked in the public schools for two years. Before that I had always helped out with children via church. Before that I grew up with my younger brother and helping out with things with him (at least after he was 2 years or so). All of that I never really knew the definition of "terrible twos." You hear people in childcare nod their head in agreement with you when you talk about it, but the thing is is if they have never had children themselves--they have no real clue as to what it's like to be the parent to this stage.

We look at Cadence and see how sweet she is and we know that she will go through this as well. It's inevitable! Although Veronica has allowed me the opportunity to go through this stage and cause me to start praying harder (rebuking the demons inside of her) than ever, I appreciate her wonderful sides--her myriad of faces.

She loves imagination playing. She is always busy at work being able to put personality to items that don't hold a person. She is very much like me as a child. She loves to make sure her BaaBaa is well taken care of by feeding him various items (sometimes there is jam marked on his face). She is a busy bee helping mama stir soup and here she is preparing for many days in her future to help out in the kitchen.

Being silly is something she loves to do. She loves it when I'm helping her pull off her pajama top and leave the shirt half on her head. She gets a big grin on her face, climbs up on the stool and smiles in the mirror. This picture is priceless in my mind.

I love Costco and there deals on kids clothes. A while back we were there and Veronica was in need of new pajamas. They had tons to choose from and the ones she wanted were the doggy pajamas. I bought two different doggy pajamas. She LOVES them. Unfortunately, she loves them a bit too much, because she hates taking them off in the morning. I found the same pair at Fred Meyer for a cheaper price than Costco and bought them to have an extra pair, in case the other two were dirty. I consider it money well spent.

Snacks: this means granola bars in our house. Every other snack item, cheese, apple slices, crackers have names, but granola bars are called snacks. This is what you see on her face.

My little girl is becoming a big girl. This is put into realization when I see her wear a dress like the one below. She just looks so much older. I look at her and think, "You're so very beautiful!" Of course, I know I'm biased, but she is very beautiful, not just the outside, but the inside. I love her curly hair that is untameable, her little belly that protrudes, her sweet voice when she's busy at play, her imagination, her willingness to help around the house, how she wakes up every morning inquiring to see her baby sister, and I love looking at her in the eyes and staring into her big brown eyes with naturally curled eyelashes and think...I gave birth to you--you're my daughter--how blessed am I!


Ben and Emily Wells said...

She looks like such a love. The bottom picture is my favorite.

amy said...

What a sweetie! I too am constantly in wonder over the fact that my girl is growing up! Definitely no longer babies.

Jake and Talia said...

Megs is on my back napping in the Ergo because she's been extra anti-crib today.
After reading your post,....I'm crying. Good work Kamille. You're re-falling in love with this wonderful person Veronica is and is becoming. She is soooo beautiful!

aunt mimi said...

what a pretty little monkey! :)

Anonymous said...

I found you blog hopping around and your blog is totally cute! I love how precious your family is, so sweet :) I'm commenting because I wanted to know if you've taken your older daughter to see an eye doctor. My son was diagnosed as having strabismus when he was very young which is where one of your eyes turns inward. i noticed this in your daughter and wanted to let you know if you didn't already. it's best to have it treated very early so it can be fixed...which by the way, is very easy and only takes a few years of therapy, glasses or surgery. My son had surgery on both eyes.

If you already know all this or if there are other issues then just ignore me, just thought I'd give my two cents. She's a beauty!!

Thanks for allowing me to

BTW, love the recipes!

Anonymous said...

OH and one more thing. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if I've completely offended you and you wanna chew me out.