Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two years

From this... this!

We celebrated Veronica's second birthday with Ben's family and two of our close friends (both families have older children Veronica's age and younger children Cadence's age). Grandma & Grandpa Scellick were almost not able to make it due to the I-90 pass being closed, but it opened in time for them to make the voyage. Auntie Amber and Uncle Bob made it up too, which was great to have them here with us. Bob had been in Rome all of Fall Quarter, so this was also his first time meeting Cadence.
I was setting out to have a kid birthday party and since Veronica is not at the age where she really has a preference as to what her party will look like, I took upon myself to think about her likes to pattern her party after them. I was originally going to make a Dora the Explorer Map or Backpack Cake, since she loves those two figures from the show. **Sidenote: She rarely watches it, but her only interest is Map & Backpack for the song they sing, then she could care less about the rest of the show. With that in mind, Ben bought her a CD of the Dora songs which she loves more than anything.**

The plans changed and I made her a cookie cake, because she likes "cookwees," as she calls them.

Veronica is a very tactile sort of child. She must touch and fully immerse herself in her world, which is why I typically have to change her clothes at least twice a day. So what better way to encourage this but have a playdoh activity. I made grape koolaid playdoh, cherry koolaid playdoh, and a plain green playdoh (no koolaid--see recipe below if interested). I'm pretty sure the kids liked it. We had a small dance party led by Auntie Amber to the Dora soundtrack of course.Sorry no dancing pictures, but here's a cute one of Cadence & Auntie!

Veronica had a few favorite presents, particularly her shiny pink shoes. She is totally my daughter, because I love shoes. I love how no matter if you gain weight or lose it--you still wear the same size. Plus, shoes really do make the outfit. Sunday morning when I said, "Veronica let's put your shoes on for church," Ben was pulling out her brown shoes, but Veronica went over to get her sparkly shoes.

She also received a doll bed. As she was opening it she stopped, because she wanted to play with something else; however, her friend Adri was intrigued by the present. So I asked her if she wanted to help Veronica open the present, she nodded with delight. Adri was much more excited about the doll bed that she helped me set up and started putting a baby to sleep. Later on her friend Gavrie put the doll to bed and Veronica came over, pulled the baby out and put in her BaaBaa. Then, all of a sudden you hear this loud, "NOOOOOOOO!" from Gavrie's mouth. He wasn't pleased with the turn of events.

We also saw Gavrie working on his gentleman skills by handing a piece of cake (that he could have eaten first) to Adri. We gave out each of the playdoh for Veronica's two friends to take home as favors, along with the recipe. It was a good day!

Koolaid Playdoh
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 2 packets of koolaid
  • 3 Tb vegetable oil
  • 2 cups boiling water
Mix dry ingredients in bowl. Add oil. Add water and mix together. Knead the dough and add more flour until it isn't sticky but pliable. Store in a container to avoid drying out the dough. Enjoy!


The Willis Family said...

Happy Birthday!!!! How exciting! Hasn't 2yrs just flown by too!!! It looks like she has a great party, and I LOVE her dancing shoes!!!!

Jenny said...

Looks like it was a successful day. I love those sparkly shoes--nice take on the ruby slippers. I'm also curious about your cake. Is that just regular frosting? Makes me want a cookie.

Paige said...

Happy Birthday Veronica! Wow! Has it really been two years since we had our little girls? Crazy.

I totally agree on the bit about shoes. I also love it that no matter what the scale says, my shoes still fit and look good! Those sparkly shoes are so cute and girly!

Are those real cookie layers? Or is it a white cake with chocolate chips? Or a cakey cookie recipe? I'm trying to figure it out.