Monday, January 19, 2009

Two months

Our little Cadence is two months old this past week. She is proving to be our little sleeper. She has a mellow temperament, unless she doesn't get enough sleep (overtired, which we try to avoid).

She smiles all the time. It's cute, because there are times when she's nursing, she'll stop, look up at me and grin. Her smile is very contagious.

She is also talking in her baby gurgle sort of way. She has also been letting out those occasional squeals of delight. Our biggest struggle with her is getting her to go to bed at night, because she will be bright eyes while her parents are dreary eyes. She is super adorable nonetheless, especially with her punk rocker hairdo (it goes like that naturally, no gel involved).


Anonymous said...

So precious....she is getting so big. love Nana

Paige said...

She is a doll. I love to hear babies talk in their little voices! She looks likes she is healthy and happy as can be.

a.a. said...

What a GORGEOUS girl! She has such a sweet little smile! And I love how you can see her looking into the camera. She's CLEARLY very intelligent and will be very advanced.... not normal advanced like other kids.... REALLY advanced.

Paige said...

I was just looking through these pictures again and I think it's amazing how much Veronica looks like Ben and Cadence like you. I never thought Veronica looked like Ben before but with Cadence to compare with that's what I think!

They are both so precious!

Stacy said...

Cadence is ADORABLE!

And it's so fun to hear her sweet mama talking so cute to her on the video! :)