Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Simple Sayings

Veronica painting her body with laughing cow cheese.

Veronica: "Steak & Pie! steak & pie!"
mommy or daddy: "do you want to read your book with the steak & pie?"
Veronica: "yeah!"
this is her Richard Scarry Busy Book, which has a picture of steak & pie. She was looking at the page and asked, "wuz this?" (referring to the steak). I told her what it was and that daddy's favorite is steak, so now it's one of her favorites.

Veronica had to go potty, so with a look of determination and concentration she went poopoo. After she finished she stood up to see what came out and she said, "Big Poo poos!" "Yes, BIG poo poos," I replied.

Veronica was in this habit of touching Cadence's eyes. One day I had to talk to her about it a couple times. When night time came I was holding Cadence and singing 'Jesus Loves Me' to Veronica. She will say, "Mo Jdezuz," and I'll sing again. Well she went to touch Cadence's eye and I went straight to discipline mode. Then, she blurted, "Mo Jdezuz!?" "NO!" I responded without thinking about what she asked me. Ben started laughing. "What are you laughing about," I asked. "Here's our daughter spiritually hungry for more Jesus and you shout out, NO," he replied.

When going to bed at night Veronica opens up the blinds and says, "Night night Cars!"

When reading one of her books, there's a picture of a sock, which she points out and says, "Sock...Stinky Sock!"

She pretends to open the door and even knocks on the door, then says to herself, "Hello--yeah, bye bye," as if she had an imaginary friend she were talking to.

Here's Veronica after yelling out, "Sweep, Sweep?" She loves to help out around the house.


a.a. said...

Awwwww! She really says nigh nigh to the cars?? what a funny girl.

Ben and Emily Wells said...

It is so good that you're writing these things down - your heart will jump when you look back at these words someday. ;) Miss y'all.

a.a. said...

i like to sweep in my underpants too.