Monday, January 5, 2009

Multi-tasking & growing

Oh the joys of being a mother of two--it takes more hands than I have to get everything done. The past couple days were spent being able to bask in taking care of one child, which was a breeze compared to the new life of two. Cadence & I went to AZ to visit my family (both brothers, sister-in-law, dad, mom and new baby Lucas--my nephew), while Ben and Veronica stayed home doing all sorts of fun things.

Uncle Willy taking pictures with niece Cadence

Happy Mama Adrienne with cutie Lucas

Grandpa Soto enjoying his granddaughter

Uncle Andrew meets Cadence


Cadence has been such a good baby so far. She sleeps well, eats well, poops & pees well, smiles well, and loves her family well. This changed a bit(meaning the sleep part) while in AZ and I'm currently not sure if it was the change or if she's entering that hump of being more alert. You would think it would have happened prior to seven weeks--right? So, I'm currently working on getting her on a nap & bedtime schedule (Ben is also working on it), because she has been super crabby the past three days and this mama can't hold her all day to keep her comfortable, even if she has the sweetest smile for me.
Here's Cadence holding her head up very well, not necessarily the funniest video, but neat to see her accomplishing this feat (she was holding her head up for at least a minute before filming):

Then there's the whole messy eater thing--her name is Veronica. She is my tactile girl. She loves getting her hands fully immersed into whatever it is she is doing (she gets that from me as I am still like that). I like that quality in her, except it gets kind of old when you've cleaned the booster seat, tray, table, floor, sticky hands, face and occasionally the hair over 1,000 times to date (serious about the number). I can say she makes meal times that much more interesting. She can use her spoon but she prefers her hands. In fact, today she was closing her eyes while using her hands, because I think she thought that if she closed her eyes I wouldn't know she was using her hands.
I'm also shocked at how fast she grows. In the Fall she was wearing a size 5 1/2 shoe and she's already wearing an 8 size shoe. Grandma Scellick got her all these cute dresses at Goodwill and garage sales, which she's already outgrown. I tried this one on her and it was too short in the sleeves and hem, but she looked so stinkin' adorable in it.

One of Veronica's new interests is to go around the house naked. She is complaining being in any clothes, especially diapers. I think this is the signal to start using training pants exclusively while at home. She's doing so very well in them. She lets us know when she has to go pee pees--so proud of her. **Sorry no naked pictures allowed!**

Nana & Grandpa Soto gave me money to get something for her birthday, so we got her this tent/tube crawling contraption. The tube attaches to the tents. Here is Veronica enjoying a snack in her tent, along with her beloved blankie, BAABAA the lamb and books.


Paige said...

I'm glad you got to relax with only one child on your trip. Isn't it amazing how easy it seems now when you only have one child to watch? It seems like I can do anything when there's only one!

Great job, Cadence! Way to hold up that adorably adorned head of hair!

Veronica is growing so much and cute as she always!

a.a. said...


1) Your new nephew is a cute little peanut! Congrats to Auntie Kamille!

2) How BEAUTIFUL is little baby Cadence??? I love her cheeks!!

3) Look at Cadence holding her little head up!!! I love it when she puts it back down for a rest. :) I can't wait to see her this weekend!!! :)

4) Veronica is a messy piglet.

KAMILLE said...

Paige--I know it is totally easier with one kid. I read your blog about doing errands and I completely understand about being in the rain buckling up kids and unbuckling and so forth and so on.

Amber--your observations are great, esp. #4. Cadence truly is beautiful, esp when she smiles as it brightens her face up.