Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Doggy

Veronica received a little doggy magnet from Grandma & Grandpa Scellick for Christmas. She hasn't paid much attention to it until two days ago. Here's the scene:

Ben, Cadence, and I are sitting in the dining room area while Veronica is running back and forth between the kitchen and dining/living room. All you could hear is her talking, shutting a cupboard door and running back out to see us. She would repeat this over and over. I went in and peeked my head around the corner and I saw that she had been putting her little doggy on the top shelf of the cupboard and saying, "night night dawgy." I told her we needed to get ready for bed and suggested that doggy go night night as well. This brought on a whole new idea...see below.
Part One (continue with Part Two)

Part Two

You would think that was it with the story, but the following night long after Veronica had fallen asleep with me alone in the kitchen putting dishes away, I opened up the cupboard to find this picture.
I appreciate how her imagination continues to grow with her play!


a.a. said...

The "nigh nigh" part is my favorite! what a sweeeeeetie!

On another note... i can't stop thinking about how cute cadence is holding up her head.... i keep imagining her thoughts.... grunting and trying so hard to keep her head up.... :)

i can't wait to see my girls!!!! :)

a.a. said...

and i like to think that I taught her "1,2,3" because that's what i say to her when we're done changing her diapers and she really liked it. :) just let me have this... :)