Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dora the Explorer

"Doda? Mow Doda!" says Veronica

I'm not sure when Veronica found out about Dora the Explorer, but for some reason she's quite fascinated with her. She's even more enthralled with Map and Backpack. If you're not familiar with this Latin American little girl who is always going on adventures (while us parents have no idea what her parents are thinking to let their daughter go exploring through jungles with a monkey named Boots), let me give you a recap.

If after your child turns two and you choose to allow them to watch a cartoon...this one is very good, due to the repetition and slow pace of the show. Dora goes on a new adventure with her sidekick monkey, Boots (he wears red boots, hence his name). They always have to travel to three different locations, the third being their final destination. She needs her Map to find out where they're going (Map has a song he sings every time). Here's Veronica saying, "More Map!"

They have to watch out for Swiper the Fox. They always need the children's help to inform them of the fox and say, "Swiper, No Swiping," three times. Swiper responds saying, "OHH Man," which Veronica loves to say as well.

There's always a catastrophe where she needs to get something from her trusty Backpack, who also has a special song he sings. You would think you're watching a bit of Indiana Jones made for kids, ya know without all the violence and guns, but essentially the same.

Once they get to their destination they sing a song together, "We did it, we did it, yea we did it...(I sing this song to Veronica when she does something, but fill in the blanks of what she did--it gets a smile out of her every time)." As you scroll down you will see the sequence of events when dancing and singing to the 'We Did It' song, actually Veronica could really care less about any of the show except the songs being sung.

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