Thursday, December 11, 2008

What I like to call "out takes"

We were attempting a family picture many times over and finally decided on taking a picture of the girls. Well, that wasn't as easy as we thought it would be...ya see, Veronica is sweet to her sister in many ways (gives her kisses, will help her to stop crying, asks about her every morning, etc). However, Cadence sitting on her lap is not one of them.

Mommy trying to entice Veronica to sit on the chair--how do you think she felt?

"What is my mother attempting with these blankets?"


Ben doing another head shot while I am beyond laughter at this point.

Ben set up the timer on the camera to get a family shot and someone was always out of the picture, or could you looked like the picture was only to get a portrait of Ben?

Veronica came back to the photos through bribery (a.k.a. cracker & milk).

A smile that wasn't forced--too cute!

The promised cracker

Saying "cheese" prior to getting the cracker


Jenny said...

Oh Ben and Kamille... way to keep up that positive attitude!

Paige said...

I love it! What a fun memory with pictures to mark it!

We have also been trying to get a family picture. It's not the easiest thing to do with a newborn and a toddler! We took several, were sure one of them would work, only to look at them afterwards and realize something was wrong with every one of them. Pear didn't want to cooperate at all.

Adrienne said...

oh no! this looks like it was fun. isn't your dad there? you should get him to take some photos. these pictures defiantly made me laugh though.