Thursday, December 4, 2008

Things I have learned as a mom

I have learned more from parenting than anything ever learned in a formal classroom. Some things are definite "aha moments" and others are "you did that again?" As a parent of two, Ben and I find one to two an easier transition than zero to one, but today I was thinking I don't think it's always easier. For instance, say when your almost two year old goes into hysterics when you put her blanket on a different chair and your infant is crying her head off to feed her and your blood pressure is sky rocketing. That could be hypothetical, and a reason to think having two isn't easier.

We're still working out the kinks, but it's not that bad overall. I'm getting sleep, due to a sweet little Cadence who has already learned the art of sleeping while her toddler sister roars through the house. She's 3 weeks old today and already grew a whole inch in two weeks--I forget how fast they grow.

Things I've learned:
1. When you're baby starts eating food and you allow them to explore tactically and you don't make a big deal about the mess, in order to avoid them becoming picky eaters or anal about the eating process. Remember that although it's worth it--you may just get a child who still is tactile nearing two years and still very messy while eating.

2. When you teach the sign language for "more" and your child starts using it--you're definitely proud and excited by their intelligence. However, the problem comes when they become the persistent widow at midnight with their "more, more, more, more, more," and it doesn't seem as cute.

3. When people told me that I would be thankful that Veronica walked late--I thought, "yeah right!" But it's true--she didn't go through that let's get into everything stage like 9 month olds do.

4. I'm glad to have a second child to practice what I learned with Veronica and apply them with a calm spirit.

5. I never knew I could read one story 15 times and more in one sitting.

6. Waterplay is always an option even if the weather isn't permitting (sink) and it takes away any bad mood.

7. Bed time has a whole new meaning.

8. When children are included in preparing the meal--they are more apt to eat the meal.

9. When children can pick their own food off of the tree or bush--they too are more apt to eating it.

10. How is it that green foods are immediately recognized as "danger," while they can spot a sweet something a mile away (even when they've never had it before)?

11. Coffee almost always brings me a smile.

Here are some random pictures

enjoying her dinner

discussing the philosophical works of Plato

Meet the "bucketheads"

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